Whoa, what's going on here???  Just got a job post from CSRNation with the heading

MALE CSR NEEDED - HUH???  Kelly???  Is this for real???  Sounds like DISCRIMINATION to me!


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Tres interesting!!

You would think a discriminatory request like that would come with an explanation of necessity.

Yes, that is very odd that it didn't occur to the poster to throw that in.   There's got to be some reason, ridiculous or not but I'm sure ridiculous.

At least a *sensitive subject matter* line--something o_O.

Years ago I was  I was taken off a job because they wanted a male reporter, citing safety concerns.   It was at Folsom Prison.  I would have loved to have gone.


Ah, you mean they told you why?  Lol.  Yeah, that'd be pretty interesting--and you'd just HAVE to dress in all black, of course.  I have been to too many correctional facilities.  Won't do it anymore--I just must have my smartphone with me at all times nowadays.

It's not all that unusual a request.  I've heard that once every year or two.

In this particular case, it was not a prison job.  My understanding is it was a delicate/embarrassing subject for the male deponent and the request for a male reporter was for the deponent's comfort.


I used to report depositions taken by a law firm that had as a client a manufacturer of sensitive products such as enhancement devices.The deponents were usually suing the manufacturer because the product had gone awry and caused injury in a delicate area. I always felt sorry for those deponents because it seemed like the law firm went out of its way to send the opposite-gender attorney to ask all these personal questions. That method worked for them and their client, though, because the cases usually settled quickly.

Whenever I do an IME, I always ask the firm to check with the attorney if it's okay for a male reporter (me) to do the job, just in case it's a female being examined.  I got sent out once when I didn't think to ask and it was a female examinee.  There was no objection once I got there, but I was a little uncomfortable even if nobody else was.

My first IME, well, I didn't even know what it was.  I had just moved to FL from MS, and we didn't have those in MS.  I get set up in the room with the male patient.  The doc comes in and has him strip down to his whitey-tighties.  I don't know who was more embarrassed, him or me.  He then had to heel-toe walk back and forth across the room.  I had NO idea this would happen; otherwise, I would have told them to send a male.  Thank God the dude happened to wear underwear and wasn't free-balling.  There is a doc here in Tampa, though, who gives them paper shorts to put on.  I remember driving home from that first IME and calling my husband, "OMG, I just took a job while the man walked around in his underwear."  LOL

I didn't even see this one.  Maybe I didn't read it all that thoroughly.  Was it for New York?

Eh, the discrim card gets called too often these days.  Generally, there's always an underlying reason for things.  We need not jump to conclusions so fast.  :)


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