Whoa, what's going on here???  Just got a job post from CSRNation with the heading

MALE CSR NEEDED - HUH???  Kelly???  Is this for real???  Sounds like DISCRIMINATION to me!


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Even with an underlying reason (I'm still trying to figure out why it had to be underlying), it's still discrimination, albeit mitigated.

I guess I'm just one of the rare few who doesn't feel discriminated against.  So they want a male.  Okay, I just go on my merry way and don't apply or inquire.  So be it.  So they want an Asian girl and not a Caucasian like me, so be it.  So I can't eat at Outback Steakhouse because I'm brunette, I'll go somewhere else or dye my hair.  LOL  I mean, really.  People get way too up in arms about this stuff.  It really creates way too much negativity in everyone's lives.

No one's up in arms.  Just an observation, I think.

And I wasn't specifically referring to this thread.  I just see it way too often almost everywhere.  I just wish we could all take a few steps back and look at the big picture and not focus on the perceived, rightly or wrongly, injustices.  :)

I hear you.  I have gotten frustrated with cards played, too.  I just think it would have been wise for the agency to give a brief description (*sensitive subject matter*), something, not just, BLAM, wanna guy.  Doesn't bother me--just found it lacking.  If there is one thing I really can't stand, it's that choking PC cravat. 

I was on this case last year where these two Middle Eastern guys were suing their company they worked for.  A lot of the issues had to do with them being homophobic.  On the third day of this depo, I couldn't take it and the office was going to put another reporter on it.  I know of four male gay reporters the office uses on a lot of work, all of which are dear friends of mine.  Anyways, I told the office not to put any of these guys on this job just because I thought it would be very uncomfortable for them.  I didn't want them to feel that way. 

I can see where there would be issues of a sensitive nature where it may be important.

Right.  That's precisely part of my point.  There's probably a good reason for them asking for a male reporter, so we need to inquire about that instead of jumping on the discrimination bandwagon.  Yes, they could have stated up front the rationale, but even though they didn't, assuming things only hurts the assumer.  :)

I don't think it necessarily hurts the assumer.  Guess it depends upon how passionate the person is re the discrim.  Wonder what kind of reaction might have come from not asking for male, but asking for white or black.  Sure, there could be an underlying reason.

I think I would have told the guys, so they could make the decision themselves, instead of telling the agency not to put them on the job.

Amanda, you have no idea what these two men were saying in this job.  I would never subject my friends to that abuse  You were not there, so forgive me, but you don't know what you're talking about.

That may be--but I'd run it by 'em first.  I'd let them say no.  Just a different way to go. ;-)

Shoot.  People that bigoted shouldn't get the luxury of being asked for their input.  Screw 'em.  LOL


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