Kelli (or anyone on the Impression):

Do you still like your Impression?  I am looking to replace my Diamante because even at its lightest setting I still find I need a lighter touch, shallower stroke.  Also I get stacking.  Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, I'm new here and am not savvy with this sort of communication.

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I love, love, love, love my Impression.  I was doing realtime yesterday on a new case I had never taken before and the attorney commented twice what a clean transcript I was providing and how impressed he was.  That's because this Impression actually writes what you stroke and rarely stacks or splits strokes.  It does split strokes every once in a while when you're writing super fast, but your notes are crap then anyway.

I've had the writer for over a year now.  Why I like the writer the most is below the keys are plastic, not metal like the Diamante.  That at first may not seem like a big deal to you, but when you're stroking that machine 500,000 times a day, there's a huge difference pushing down on metal compared to a very light plastic, hence the less pain/fatigue at the end of the day. 
You do hear more of a clicking sound than with the Diamante, especially me since I'm a pounder.  At first, I didn't like that sound but now I can't even hear it any longer.  I'm sure I'm just used to it.  I write so much better with this writer than with the Diamante.  My writing looks beautiful.  I average a .08 untran rate.  Can't beat that.  The stroked is not shorter than the Diamante, about the same, which is pretty short but it's all about the way it feels when writing on it.
I talked a friend into getting the Impression and she's sent me at least three emails thanking me so much for talking her into the Impression.   She was having wrist issues too, being close to 60 years old.  She agrees it's like writing on air.

Thanks both of you.   I will be ordering my Impression today!

Wish I had a "Like" button to hit.  Let us know what you think.  I know you'll love it, but give it a chance.  Takes about a month to really get used to the touch.

Kelli, feel free to use this one:

You're welcome!

Thanks, Glen.  LOL.

@ Kelli:

Ugh, I'm totally jealous and really want the Impression, but I just can't justify (maybe I don't want to) shelling out another $4K - $5K for another writer, when there's technically nothing "wrong" with my Diamante, except that the asterisk key is too narrow, so my index finger falls through the crack, which causes accidental deletion of words more often than I care for that to happen and the annoying splitting.  Think I can play with your Impression to try it out . . . like, in April?  I might end up splurging.  :)

Sure.  You can try it out when you come down for lunch.

Cool. Lunch is ON. :)

Chris, how do you know it was on sale? I don't get any e-mail adds from them, and I don't go to the conventions.  That's usually when they have sales, I guess.  I had the Flashwriter for years and LOVED it.  Regretted trading it in for the Diamante.  So annoying that the supposed wide keys on the Diamante are not really all that wide at all. Wasted my money paying more for that.  If ProCat has a sale on the Impression again, would you please let me know.  Thanks!

Hi, Quyen.

I just got an e-mail from ProCAT today. Let me do some copying-and-pasting:

$0 Down & 0% Financing!" align="right" height="118" hspace="5" border="0" vspace="5" width="154"/>
ProCAT Impression                                      $155 monthly*
Impression &
Winner Software                                              $233 monthly*

*Offer is valid on approved credit application.  Term is based on 30 months, and exclusive of tax.  Offer is for a limited time only.
For further information contact:

Wow! I didn't expect *THAT* ...! But there you go! Good luck!

Thanks, Glen!!  Do you know how long this offer is good for?

*Yeah, I know:  That's bad grammar to end with a preposition. :P


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