Has anyone done work for either National Scopist Services of America or Ascopist4u and not gotten paid? Or even if you have worked for them and gotten paid, I'd like to know. Thanks.

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Ascopist4u is the scoping agency that started a website posting derogatory things about scopists and court reporters. Don't go looking for the site, though, as it's been taken down :)
No, it's still there, offering work to scopists. I just wanted to know if anybody had any experience with them.
Oh, no, I was taking about a whole site called Lousy Scopists/Lousy Reporters devoted just to remarks about scopists and reporters. I understand they still are advertising as a company.
i worked w/nssa in nov and dec. i rec'd an email saying they were unable to pay me b/c reporters have not paid them. they are willing to make payments to me.
I also worked for them in Nov. and Dec. The receipts that I finally got out of them said I would be paid Feb. 7. Funny how in the beginning I got job offers every few days. Then after I did a certain amount of work for them, I too got the infamous e-mail and all job offers suddenly stopped. When I was looking on the web at other companies I came across ascopist4u. When I found a phone number to call, it sounded like the same lady. I'm thinking she operates as once company for just so long, strings scopists along without paying them, then opens another company. I don't know, but it makes me suspicious. Guess I'll find out in Feb. if I actually get paid.
I have done work for NSSA off and on for several years and never had a problem getting paid until recently. I did a job in November, I think, that I have received payment for, but I have three jobs that I did prior in late summer/early fall that I'm still waiting for payment on. Responses to my emails regarding nonpayment have consisted of "I'll look into it," but I have yet to receive a check.

I started working with Ascopist4u last summer and did quite a few jobs with them probably through late fall, and I've never had a problem getting paid by them. Sue, the former court reporter who runs the company, is a very nice lady. She is very helpful, very responsive, and I've spoken with her on the phone numerous times regarding different jobs. The two companies are not run by the same person. Sue of Ascopist4u is in Washington and Bonnie of NSSA is in Florida.

I'm sorry to hear that other people are getting the runaround from NSSA. I just hope we all get paid eventually.
It's very helpful to hear from someone with experience for both companies. They sound very similar on the phone. Since I've just done a few jobs for NSSA and am worried about getting paid and since I've never done any work for Ascopist4u, I was leery of getting involved with them and having the same thing happen.

So are you still getting job offers from NSSA or not?
No, I haven't gotten a job offer from NSSA in several months. Even if I did, there's no way I'd accept it. I just want to get paid for my work and then be done with them.
Yeah, same here; although it doesn't look like they're offering any work.

So are you working for another company now?
So how were all of you guys referred to these two agencies?
I just found them on the Internet.
Bonnie emailed me yesterday and said she put a payment in the mail to me. I'll keep you posted.


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