I would have loved to have been there, but couldn't make it. Was in an all-day job and have a rush to work on tonight; so don't have time to watch the broadcast. Did the motion to resind pass or fail?

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I'm here & I haven't heard yet. I'll post when I do.
I thought they did the annual meeting in the afternoon. I thought it would be over and stuff would be all over the forums, but I haven't seen anything.
The motion to rescind failed! The NCRA will now be allowed to "EXPLORE" other methods of reporting. It's not a total loss though because they have to bring it to the membership again if they actually want to start certifying other methods. I have some friends there and the majority at the business meeting were in favor of the motion to rescind, but there was not a third of the entire NCRA membership present to shoot it down.

NCRA once again tried to get slick with their proposed amendment to allow a CLVS to become a registered member. This would allow a CLVS full membership rights! This would would give a CLVS the equivalent membership status of a RPR! They would be able to serve as a board member, president, etc. They would even be at a higher status -- membership wise -- over a CSR who didn't hold an RPR! CRAZY!!!! Makes me wonder if this association is really staying true to the stenographic method of reporting!! Make sure you vote!!!
403 votes were cast on the motion to rescind.

It would have taken 268 of the 403 votes to get the 2/3 vote passage required for the motion to rescind.

There were 241 votes in favor which was 27 votes short of the number needed for a 2/3 vote.

The supporters of the motion to rescind had 66 1/2 percent approximately while it would take 66 and 2/3 percent to pass the motion to rescind.

The board hung tough to the very end to give itself the right to investigate electronic reporting, and the board saw the motion to rescind fail by less than a percentage point.

There had been talk the board might listen to the outcry of the members and voluntarily rescind their initial decision to look into investigating electronic reporting, but the board hung tough and won by less than a percentage point after the question was called which ended all debate.

Thanks for the indepth report. Too bad!!
I did vote!!! I actually looked to see about whether the CLVS could vote and saw nothing; so I could only assume that by being a registered member they could vote as well. Makes me a little unsettled to think people who don't do what we do could be voting on our future!!!

The CLVS amendment was Amendment #2:

Section 4 — Registered Members
a) Any Participating Member who
passes the Registered Professional Reporter
examination, the Certifi ed Broadcast
Captioner examination, or the Certifi
ed CART Provider examination, or
who was a Professional member in good
standing on July 21, 1993, shall be eligible
to become a Registered Member.
b) Any legal videographer who has
earned the Certifi ed Legal Video Specialist
(CLVS) certifi cation shall be eligible
to become a Registered Member.

If you voted "yes" to Amendment #2, you voted to let CLVSs become Registered Members.

Yes, I know if I voted yes to Amendment #2 I would have voted to let CLVSs into the association as voting members. I said that it's unsettling to think a CLVS could vote on issues pertaining to stenographic reporters - so I'll let you figure out how I voted.
Phew. You confused me for a sec.
I was at the business meeting and was disgusted that a "call to vote" or whatever the language was PASSED. Meaning cut off all discussion and vote already. I was one of the few who voted AGAINST that. I should have yelled out "SAY NO, PEOPLE, AND LET EVERYONE WHO IS STANDING ON LINE TO SPEAK SAY WHAT THEY WANT TO SAY!!" But I didn't. It's possible that any one of those unheard-from people could have swayed someone in the room to vote in favor of the motion to rescind. We just needed a few more votes. It makes me sick that discussion got cut off. What for? So the business meeting could end earlier? LET EVERYONE SAY THEIR PIECE!!!! (I drove home tonight and did this after my 250-mile ride home.)

There were other people in the building who did not come to the business meeting and consequently did not vote. One person I know of never goes on forums and knows nothing that's going on. He surely would have voted in favor of the MtR if he knew it was an issue. Ugh.

ALSO, I could not vote online for president-elect & the amendments because my log-in info which I know and have in a file failed; i typed in my email address to get it emailed to me, even tho I know it, and it said "Sorry, no match was found for" and it listed the email address the NCRA used to send me the "vote now" email. And the "after hours" number to call for help, no answer.

So I appeared in DC to vote in favor of the MtR and my other votes were denied me due to a computer glitch. I am ticked to say the least.
THAT IS CRAZY, MARGE!!! That's why I really wasn't on board with that direct member voting until they knew for sure things like this wouldn't happen. I can't believe you couldn't vote! There's always computer issues when it comes to important issues like this.

Another thing I'll say, since you mentioned that male reporter who didn't know what was going on and didn't vote, it's more important than ever for reporters all over to be more in tuned with the threats that face our profession, especially in hard economic times when people are in search for a cheaper way to make a record. There are too many reporters that are in their own little world and don't know what's going on. I think we reporters who do know what's going on need to snap or clap in their face and say WAKE UP!!!
BTW, I meant to put this sentence in the paragraph about the voting:
(I drove home tonight and did this after my 250-mile ride home.)

I suppose the problem was that I voted too late, after the 12-hour window. I got home later than expected due to traffic. But I'm still ticked off!!

No, kiddin', wake up. I am so annoyed at this guy for being so damn insular.


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