NCRA commissioned a report on court reporting by Ducker Worldwide.

The 16-page report was presented to NCRA in May of 2014 and discussed at 2014 NCRA convention.

For the link to the pdf of the report go to


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Thank you, Bill. Very interesting skim of this report.

Thanks for posting this.  I only had time to give it a cursory look right now, but I did notice it mentioned "some" students drop out before course completion.  To me, that's a huge understatement and should read "most."  Makes me think the report may be a bit skewed.

Interesting.  Looks like there will be a need for reporters mostly because the average age is 51!  Wow!   

I don't believe its projection on future demand being high..............with ongoing tort reforms and insurance companies cutting back more and more length of depos and more and more cases settling, ER gaining ground, I think the demand is on a decline..............and not to mention the increasing demands placed on us for more service for less money.

Kerry - I agree with you.  Do I understand this entire so-called "research study" was based on only 120 interviews?? 

Rita, I didn't see the 120 interviews part.  I think good realtimers will have a place and high demand for quite a while yet to come, though.

This is copied from the article: 

"The methodology consists of 120 primary research interviews
with industry constituents, and all study findings are based
on the analysis of these direct inputs gathered from the

Yes, I think realtimers will last longer than a reporter who isn't realtime, but  their longevity will depend on the cost they charge for realtime.  Unfortunately, we're still in cost-cutting era across the board with law firms,  insurance companies, States and Counties trying to reduce their reporting expenses.  Problem is: Judge may want real-time, but County will not pay for it, nor the lawyers if cost prohibitive - so it'll just be what the market will bear and push more and more realtimers into the captioning field and flood that market...trying times we are in right now in this profession...

In my opinion we are our own worst enemy.  We must raise our prices and stand firm.  Be prepared to walk away from a job if they do not meet your price.  What industry keeps their prices the same year after year after year?  Gas is up.  Electricity has just had another price increase.  Have you checked the price of hamburger lately?  We deserve a raise too.  


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