If you are having problems with your audio, you may want to read the file I uploaded here.  Maybe this will help.











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Has anyone ordered this product and tried it?  Are you satisfied?


I have this product to amplify audio:




It's $22.46 on Amazon.  It has a volume control and really boosts the audio for soft-spoken witnesses.  I think this works much better than the Boostaroo, which I also have.


Product Features

  • For high impedance or low sensitivity Hi-fi headphones
  • Metal case and built-in metal clip
  • Individual power switch and Electronic volume control
  • USB charger port and 200mAh rechargerable battery
  • Dimension 44.2mm x 38 mm x 12.6 mm


I have the Boostaroo and I don't think it helps at all.
I didn't like it either, Kelli.  It's not that often that I have to boost the volume, but every once in a while there's a witness that just won't speak up.  The one I have (above) has a volume control, and I had to turn it down from the maximum volume.  It really does boost the audio.  I wouldn't want to spend too much money on something that I don't use that often.  The price was right on this one.
Thanks, Janet.  It is nice to be able to find out what everyone uses.  Too many to know them all.

Kelli and Janet,

So sorry.  I have the Boostaroo and I am probably the one who told you about it.  I really love mine and have told several others about it who like it also.

I'm so sorry it didn't work for you.  :-(



I bought mine a long time ago, Janiece.  I just didn't think the boost was all that much.

I got mine on your recommendation, Janiece, but maybe it has to do with the computer you are using also.  You just never know.  I appreciate the recommendation anyway.

I am always leery when products have a no-return policy.  If I remember correctly, this company's reasoning for not accepting the return is because of the packaging.  Uh, okay.  If they truly believe in their product, they would accept returns if customers are unhappy.


Speaking of the no-return policy.  I bought that blue USB amplifier thing from Sound Professionals, and it's piece of junk.  Not only can I not return it, now I'm relentlessly spammed by them.  I get multiple e-mails from them on a daily basis.  Wouldn't you know the link to unsubscribe to their e-mails is conveniently broken.  I even tried to go to the account I HAD to open there to make the purchase to change my e-mail address to a phony one, but, of course, I still get spammed by them to my main e-mail address!  Doh! on my for not using a phony e-mail in the first place or creating a junk e-mail addy for -- well, junk.  :(

Quyen, did you ever get the audio on your netbook to work the way you wanted it to?


No.  I said it sounded "worbbly," if that's a word, but I've seen others describe it exactly . . . like being in a barrel.  I have both the Dell Mini and the little Aspire.  I'd love to get either/both to sound better so I don't have to break my back with this 15" Dell!  Although now that the problems I was having with this big'un is fixed after threatening to send it back to Michael Dell and tell him to eat it if they don't fix it since I paid for the extended support contract, I quite like it.  It's just a tank to carry around all the time.  It's Vista.  I'm not sure what everyone hated about Vista other than it's a memory hog, but I like it just fine.
Quyen, My computer that I take to jobs has Vista also but it is a Sony.  My audio is good.


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