I am on Eclipse software, and I just purchased a new E series Fujitsu that Eclipse recommends and sells and the audio is horrible compared to my other "older" computers.   I have an external mic by Martel (not the USB) the one with the battery, and it's been a great mic.  The audio just doesn't sound loud enough.  I have been on the phone with Eclipse support two different days for an hour at a time (two different techs) and it still isn't loud enough.  All the settings are as high as they'll go............(dang).....I don't know what else to do!!!  Any suggestions?


Honestly, I am looking for another computer at this point with great audio.  Any ideas would be sooooooooo appreciated ....why does buying a new computer and configuring it have to be so difficult.......lol !!!!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !!!  KIM


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I had the same issue. Purchase a sound blaster and connect ur mic to that. I can send specifics but at job now

Anita, that's great.  Let me know the specifics and where I can buy it !!

Thanks !!!  Kim


I've had the same issue with two laptops and that battery-powered Martel mike.  I finally splurged on the expensive usb mike and I LOVE it.  Let's get together.  You can try mine out.  I'll probably be at the office sometime today.


Leslie, let's get together.  I'd love to test it out !!!  I will call you this weekend !


Thanks so much !!



Don't know if you've already done this with tech support, but:


Right-click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your computer or wherever it is.  You could also go to "Sounds" in the Control Panel.  Choose "Playback Devices."  Choose "Speakers/Headphones" and right-click it.  Choose "Properties."  Choose "Levels" tab.  Drag the slider to the right for higher playback volume.


Repeat the same steps for Recording Devices.

Kim, I have an E series, too.   That was my issue also.  I purchased the Sound Professionals USB mic.  It worked great.  I now have a ThinkPad T510 and bought the Martel USB mic which is fabulous.  USB is going to be your option and they really work great.   I still have my Martel line mic, but I haven't used it in years.

Ann, hi.  My friend Leslie said the same thing !!  So a long time ago a few friends of mine sent the USB from Martel back.   Maybe they've perfected it.  Do you prefer the Sound Professionals USB mic over the Martel?  Which do you suggest I get?


Thanks !!! Kim

Here is a doc that I got a while back about how to boost your audio.  Hope this helps.
wow, and i LOVE my fujitsu.  Its an older one but I was thinking it was time for another.  Wow, good to know.  Has fujitsu said anything about it, maybe you have bad speakers???

I have found that these days most brands do not put a good quality sound card on board anymore.  What i and some other reporters have started doing is taking a digital recorder, plugging our external mike into the mike port on the recorder, then getting a male-to-male audio cable, plugging one end into the earphone port on the recorder and the other end into the mike port on the laptop.  It boosts your audio plus you have an extra recording if your laptop crashes.


You can then get fancy and work a splitter into the mix so you can also listen while you're going.

wow.  I have a usb mic from sound professionals and it so far is awesome!  small and does the job. then i back up audio and go to my pc and it is great.  If i need my laptop at a job and wanna hear the audio, i put in my headphones that have audio control and that seems to work great too.  Just playing it out loud, no so much

Hi Lucy, thanks !!  It sounds like the USB mic could really help me, so I think that's the route I'll go.  I'm trying to figure out whether to buy Martel's USB or Sound Professionals' USB ...any thoughts on that?



Thanks, Kim


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