I am on the site for the first time in a few days, and it's hard for me to use because the chat box keeps coming up and covering the entire page almost, of every page that I am using on the site.  I am using Google Chrome.  Anyone else getting the chat box covering everything? It's kind of hard to write this actually because the chat box is there too, lol.

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Hi, Keith.  Not using Google Chrome, but sometimes when I'm making a particularly long post, I get this bar across the text that makes it impossible to see what I'm typing.   It's NBD really, just bothersome.



Hey, Keith



I am using Internet Exporer and I have not had that problem at all.  Also on AOL I didn't have that problem.    Not sure what the issue is with Google Chrome. 

Hmm.  Weird.  I'll see if it continues.

No problems here with the Mac version of Firefox ....


I use Google Chrome and I have no problems.

@Janiece --

Interesting ...! There might be a version issue going on. 

@Keith, the chat module is based on Flash.  You should download and install the latest version, and that should take care of things for you.

I'll try that, Glen. It is working now.  Only had an issue that one day.  Weird.
Weirdness!  Well, as long as it's working!

Been having a lot of problems with Flash on my Google Chrome lately, and the chat box keeps taking over this site again.  Ugh.  I've tried updating to the newest flash, but it doesn't work.  I may uninstall and reinstall Chrome again.  I don't know.  It's wreaking havoc on my Words With Friends games.

That's so strange, Keith.  I don't have that problem.  I'm using Firefox.  Maybe try that?  Who knows. 

Yay for Firefox!!!  Love it.


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