It's about 3 years old. But it hasn't been used for over 2 years. The Boards in New York are pretty hard to pass, so I've heard and I found someone who wants to sell their Diamante. Are there different models of a Diamante? Is there a latest version?

Thanks again Everyone!!

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The new Diamantes have a shorter depth than the original.  I have one of the original Diamantes, and the depth and touch are great.  Mine is probably the same age as the one you're looking at, but mine is in constant use.  You should know right away if you'll like it when you test it out.  Best of luck!

The older I get the more stories (although truthful!!!) I tend to tell.  I took the RPR right before I graduated.  And I passed.  That was May 1981.  225/200/180.  We transcribed on IBM Selectric II's.  (Word processors and CAT didn't exist back then).  We had to bring typing paper, a dictionary, ink pen, AND a typing eraser.  I think we got an hour and-a-half for each segment.  AND all three parts had to be passed together.  Here is a picture of the writer I used.

That is one of the original Diamantes.  The first one appeared at the convention in DC in 2009.  I know because I was literally the first one in the exhibit hall to run and sit down and write on it.  There are pictures of my friend and me literally running in.  LOL  The latest update to any machine is usually unveiled at the national convention, which is always the end of July, beginning of August each year.  The best sales are also going on then.  Unless it's an emergency, I'd never buy a machine within the few months before convention time.  I'd prefer to wait until the very newest was out.

The Diamante has been an awesome machine since its inception, and I don't think you should hesitate to buy it.  Three years old is nothing for a steno machine, as long as they have been taken care of, obviously.


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