Hi my CSR Nation friends..I have a quick question. Is Eclipse compatible with Windows 07?


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I think by this time it should be. My understanding is Windows 07 is a stripped down version of Vista. It operates a lot better because they made it more efficient. I would call tech support to make sure but I bet it works much better than Vista did. I know there were ton of problems with that system.
Thanks Kelli...I am about to purchase a laptop and majority of them have Windows 07.
You know, I just talked to a girlfriend that has Eclipse and she just purchases all her laptops directly from Eclipse and the give you the laptop and load the software on there and add your dictionary and all the files. You do not have to do anything.

Next time I need a laptop, that is what I am going to do. Just think how much time that will save. They will also only sell you an operating system that works best with Eclipse software. Something to think about.
Wow that's some great information.....I will call them on Monday.....Thanks a million.....
Hi Kwanna,

Eclipse does work great with Windows 7. Advantage Software now has the complete installation of Eclipse available to download if you have a current support contract. I find it so much easier than dealing with CDs.

I always check the audio on a laptop I'm going to buy while I'm at the store. If you use audio sync or will be using it, the audio is an important feature. You can check the audio by going into the sample music located in Documents, then Music, and turn the volume all the way up when playing a sample song, just to see how loud your playback will be.
Ok thanks Janet :)....I will give them a call tomorrow...
A note of caution: If you buy your laptop from Eclipse, make sure they update your drivers BEFORE sending the computer to you. One of my reporters had audio problems with her laptop purchased from Eclipse. It was difficult to get Eclipse to respond to this problem. When the guru who sets up the laptops finally made contact with the reporter, he suggested that she update the drivers. That should have been done before the laptop left Eclipse. Once the reporter updated the drivers, she had perfect, crystal-clear audio.
I, personally, wouldn't buy a laptop from Eclipse. They must be marking them up over what they get them for. It's easy enough to load the software, so I don't see a need to get it from them. I buy mine at Best Buy. They have great prices.
I bought my laptop through Eclipse and loved that it came with everything already loaded and ready to go. I'm sure there are other great options out there...cheaper options, for sure...but I love my laptop and have never had a single problem with it in the 3 years I've had it. The brand they sell is Fujitsu, and I get a lot of compliments and inquiries from attorneys who want to know where they can get one. It has all the different kinds of ports you could possibly need and a slot for an SD card which makes a big difference for me. I sign in using my fingerprint, which is a cool feature too. :)

From what I understand, Fujitsu doesn't sell to individual customers; they sell to corporations who are providing computers to hundreds of employees. Something about that made me feel really comfortable, like I was getting the benefit of a higher class laptop than is generally available to the public, and it definitely has proven reliable in my case.


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