For those of you providing the realtime connection to clients, without providing your own device for them to view, is there a download for a viewer compatible with MAC?

Bridge, LiveNote, caseview net and summation are all PC based.

Caseview has an app for the iPad only.

Wondering how MAC using attorneys receive their feed, with the functionality of notations etc.

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I work with two attorneys (at different law firms) that use Livenote with their Macs.  In fact, it's the only time I get a request for LN specifically on the attorney's computer.  All other realtime jobs, the attorneys use my equipment with CaseviewNet.

From my understanding, they have it running on the Windows side.  That's all I know about the Mac, though.

MyView from Eclipse can be used on Macs and iPads. So super easy!!

Bridge Mobile from Eclipse can be viewed on PC, Apple, Android.  I strictly use mine with iPads.  It works great with Apple products.


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