I am thinking about purchasing a Revolution Grand steno machine (made by the Neutrino Group out of Denver, CO. ) I have it right now and am tryng it out. I kind of like it. Can anyone give me any comments, pro or con, to buying this machine?


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I love my Revolution Grand!!!!!! It is the best investment I have ever made. It saved my body. I used to use a traditional writer, an 8000. I started to lose the feeling in my left pinky. I went to a total of 13 doctors/treatment providers. I didn't think I would be able to write anymore. A friend of mine who is a broadcast captioner turned me on to this Gemini. It saved me. I was able to get the feeling back in my hand, and I was able to keep writing. To give you an idea of the difference, I went back to my 8000 when I sent my writer in for cleaning. I used the 8000 for a couple of hours and I lost the feeling in my hand again. I couldn't work for a few days. It was awful. My shoulders, hands, back, and neck were all killing me. I didn't want to go through that kind of pain again. Why should I when I don't have to? Why should anyone? There is a solution out there. People are just not made to sit with their hands squished in front of them like that!

Besides being a great machine ergonmically, the service from the Neutrino Group is the best. I can call there at anytime and get help. I can get help with anything. I think I have asked the absolute dumbest questions or called in a true panic a million times. Jason is always calm with me and helps me out. It's never a problem with the writer in the end. It's usually I forgot to do something silly.

If you are going to invest in your career, you should do it in something that will not physically hurt you in the long run AND go with the best possible customer service. I don't hesitate in telling people I love my writer. I really do. I am always happy to show anyone my writer or answer questions about it.
I'm getting one! I'm getting one! Placing my order today, getting the Micah Red :) I'm so glad I'm on Eclipse, too, because there are extra special goodies on the machine to be used with my software. I'll keep my Elan Mira A3 as a backup, maybe . . .

I'm so excited about the Bluetooth feature, the lighter load I'll have, it's going to be easier on my hands, wrists, shoulders and neck.

It's Christmas in July! Well, it would've been a few days ago . . .
Yay!!! Trust me, you'll end up selling the Mira, lol. I couldn't go back to my 8000 if I had to, just like the previous poster (thanks for your story, btw.)

I'm glad to hear I'm going to have lots of company as a new Gemini owner. I try not to think about it because it hasn't even been two weeks since I ordered it, so I don't have it yet, but "hearing" you guys talk about it gets me all excited again! Isn't it fun to get something new?
I'm a lover since the Gemini2. The Grand just blows away all other models. :) Welcome to our world! :)
Trina I left a message at your office and here is that form I was telling you about. Just fill it in and fax it back to me at 303-374-2777 and I will give you a call as soon as we have a machine available for you rent.



YAYAY -- I got my new Rev today!! I had no problem hooking it up to my computer and writing realtime. Now I would like to adjust the keystroke depth. According to the manual, that's the one thing you can do without removing the cover. It says "locate the two depth adjustments screws," but it doesn't say where to locate them. I'm beginning to think I'm crazy because the machine isn't that big and yet I can't find the screws that take the 5/64" hex. Maybe my excitement is overriding my brain here.

Can someone point me in the right direction for depth adjustment? I did call Jason but got voice mail and I hate to bother him for something so simple so I didn't leave a msg. Thanks in advance for any kind person's help. So far, just writing junk on TV
to test it out, it writes like a dream!!
without having mine in front of me, the best i can say is this.. look at the under side of the keys from the front and press any key. All keys move that bar that runs the width of the machine. That bar (or bars, one for the right and one for the left) has two screws, one on each side. By adjusting those you're changing the space between the landing and that screw, which changes depth. Hope that helps.. and hope you're enjoying your Rev!!
Hey, Heather and Trina - I posted a message to you both yesterday to thank you for your replies, and now I don't see it so I'll try again: THANK YOU!

Heather, you were spot on with your description of the depth screws location. Jason also replied, as you can see on the forum here. I understand he was having trouble getting his post to appear as well, so he emailed me privately just to make sure I got it. Thank you, Jason!
They are located under the number bar since you have teh full number bar. While you can get to them with the tops on, it would be easier for you to reach them with it off.

And you never have to worry about leaving a message for me, it;s not a waste of my time to help you get setup, you paid for it, why not use it. :)

Plus how can I show off my super customer skills if you don't call. :) Ask Trina I did absolutely nothing for her, but she seemed happy. :)



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