I am thinking about purchasing a Revolution Grand steno machine (made by the Neutrino Group out of Denver, CO. ) I have it right now and am tryng it out. I kind of like it. Can anyone give me any comments, pro or con, to buying this machine?


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Whoo hooo!
Can anyone describe the difference in touch between the Mira and the Grand? Is there a huge difference? Also, do all Revolution Grands come with the little computer screen or can it be customized without? I'm considering a new machine, but aside from a nice keystroke, I'd also like to lighten my load. I currently have the 8000LX and the five or six years that I've had it, I've "never" looked at the LCD screen; that's why I asked that question about the Grand. The Diamante looks interesting, but I think it's too new on the market for me to even consider it.
I don't know any difference between the Mira touch and the Grand, but I will add that on my four-hour divorce depo yesterday, I went in with my forearms slightly sore from too much IMing on my old laptop, too much driving, and a deep tissue massage the day before. Anyway, I did okay with no pain at all for the first two hours, and then I started to feel a slight ache in my left wrist.

I adjusted both pods a bit, turning them down so my pinkies were closer to the floor, and the pain completely went away! This is the second time I have felt a twinge, adjusted the pods, and had the pain disappear.

I have a very long and twisty drive to and from my jobs, and the physical and mental help I get from knowing I can adjust my arm position is worth so much!
The CR version comes w/a tablet. I use it w/just that.

I did take my laptop the other day to a jury trial to do work while on breaks. I ran my hardwire cable to it to play and 'be nosey' and was able to write realtime to BOTH the tablet and the laptop w/only my Case key plugged into the tablet. As long as I did not touch/change/save anything on the laptop file, it wrote and audio synced perfectly! Kinda nice to know, lol, if I wanted that much backup for a specific job. But I love not having to carry that laptop anymore!!

I had wrist strain from one of my bike rides and like Jenny, turned my pods and worked the day fine. I had turned them 'outwards' which you could NEVER have that choice on any other machine. I would have been in pain on any other machine.
I'd say they feel pretty different. I had an 8000 before I got my Grand and was able to adjust it to feel somewhat like the 8000 when I first got it, just so it wouldn't feel so strange. I've since changing that setting a lot, making the stroke way more shallow and softer.

As for the computer, on the Grand it functions as your backup. Since the machine itself doesn't have an SD card, etc., Jason has written a software program that can save your backup to (I think it's three) different places, and this is in addition to your CAT software. It can save in either just notes or it can do some basic translating against your dictionary. I personally only do the notes because like you, I never look at it. I actually put mine on top of my bag because I got tired of putting it on the stand and worrying about if it was gonna fit under the table. Btw, I don't know what UMPCs Jason is using now, but I have the Viliv S5 with mine. I run my CAT software on my laptop. The Grand connects bluetooth to both computers at the same time.

Now, as Rhoda mentioned, she's using only the UMPC that came with the Grand. She's running her software and Jason's software (StenoSync) on the UMPC. Of course that means you can also just use your laptop and put the SS software on there. I was afraid to do this when I bought mine, but now that I really think about it, I think the worst that could happen is you wouldn't be able to do the job if your computer went out (not that that wouldn't suck,) but you won't lose anything because SS is always writing a backup, so if the CAT file got corrupted or something, you have your SS. If I did it that way, I would always have an SD card or a USB stick as one of the locations that SS was saving to. That way if the whole computer crashed, you'd have a backup external from the comp.

If you do it that way you can knock off the price of the UMPC from the court package. I wish I had gone that route and bought a new laptop instead of the Viliv.. although it is a pretty neat toy.

I do have an external drive connected that the SS software is constantly backing up to during the job, if that helps. Basically, the 'tablet' is the 'onboard' similar to other machines, if you don't take a laptop along w/those. I like to peek at mine sometimes to get my WPM speed off the Case software. Also, is right there for readbacks...although your laptop could do the same. I like the tablet as the atty's cannot 'hover' over you and be 'reading' what you are writing, as it is much smaller. ;) I used to get sweaty palms when they did that, lol. You would need xray vision for anyone else to read it, other than 'you' right in front of it.

I also just do Steno notes in the SS software. My dict has never 'molded' perfectly that it translates well thru it. I use my Case mainly tho, regardless. Also, the SS software does audio, so you are getting a 'backup' of your audio too. All this on the tablet, it does not take lots of space.
Thanks for all the great info. That helped a lot. LOL @ atty's cannot 'hover' over you and be 'reading' what you are writing. I hate it when they do that to me too! lol!
Neat, I was never sure if you could record audio in SS and your CAT at the same time. Nice. The more Ithink about it, the more I'm thinking about ditching the Viliv and upgrading the laptop.
And that day I had '3' recording....Tablet: SS and Case; Laptop: Case. Was kinda cool!
Rhoda, I still remember (can never forget) the very first time I brought my laptop to a deposition way back in the time when realtime first started. The attorney leaned over and peeked at my laptop, and I panicked and SLAMMED the top down. It was a reflex action, honestly! He jumped back so fast. Needless to say, I apologized and tried to explain my panic. But it was very scary. Now I still don't like it, but I don't get so freaked out.

I could picture that! ;) Some 'try' to read my tablet but I KNOW they can't be seeing much, lol.
Terrie, I've had a Grand for over a year. I use a netbook for my laptop. I also have the kiosk computer. I have done depos with just my writer and my netbook. It all fits in one bag and is very light.

I see you are in Los Angeles. I am in Newport Beach. I work in Los Angeles quite often and would be very happy to bring my writer to you for you to play with and try the touch, if you would like. Also, which freeway are you off of? I go up to Thousand Oaks periodically because my daughter is at CLU. That's off the 405/101 freeways.

Email me if you would like to schedule something when I have work in L.A.

Veronica Kubat

Also, you can call me for the whole spiel on the Grand. Needless to say, I can't speak highly enough about it, or Jason and the Neutrino Group. 714.349.7724


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