Shatter the simultaneous online record tonight, 6-1-09,
at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, at Get comfortable, have a world's famous
Gregorio chili dog. Remember that the new upgrade is Cambell's chili.
Relax. Have a beer. Bring a friend. Get naked if you want, main. If you are pissed off, yell at the computer, "I've had enough and I ain't going to take it anymore." You have Gregorio's permission to act like a complete crazy person. I know I will.

I would like to see all our friends from California: P.P., Lisa shoes, our distinguished DRA president, as a matter of fact all the dancing Lisas please report in. If I didn't mention you specifically, y'all come, hear.

Attention: Karen Yates please report online at Depoman at 9:00 p.m. eastern time this date at We would like to see just a little support from the president, por favor. This is a get-together that is totally non-partisan, non-religious. This is worldwide, main. Okay. you contractors come too.

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