Hi, I went to set up my job for tomorrow which is on a case that I have previously reported.  I have clicked on translate, selected the job dictionaries for the case, created a file to set up.  The speakers for this particular job do not come up, nor do any of the words defined in the job dictionary.

I have opened the previous jobs, and the job dictionaries are there.

In the same case that I set up, I have clicked on translate and selected another job dictionary to see if it worked.  I did this with several job dictionaries and every one of them is registering except for the one I need.  I checked case and file configurations, and they all seem to be the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Did you try writing a brief from the job dictionary to see if it translates the way you would like?  What version of CC are you on?

Hi, Janiece, I did write a brief from the job dictionary, and it didn't translate.  I am on version 15.  The weird thing is out of about 40 cases, this is the only one doing it.  I have since decided to let it go.  I just put in the necessary speaker identification and names of the players   Thank God it wasn't a big job.

I'm totally stumped.  Did you open the job you wanted the job dictionary from and look to see if the globals were there?  Perhaps you accidentally deleted them?

They are there.  Wierd.  I'm off to the job now.


You probably already know this, but if this happens again, you can open up the global table "control Y."  Copy all of those globals into your new deposition and then you will be able to use them in the new depo.

You might call Stenograph to see what happened.

Janiece, I didn't know that.  Wow.  Thank you so much.

Yes, Trudi, open the global table "Control Y."  Highlight the entire global table (Control A) and hit "Control C" to copy.  Go to your new file.  Open the global table in the new file "Control Y."  Hit "Control V" to paste and then hit "Control S" to save.  You should be able to do it they way you were trying, by just selecting the job, but if you run into that problem again, this will do the trick.

Also, Trudi, you can apply those globals after the fact if you don't want to define them again yourself.

Thank you for the help, Janiece,  

Hope you're having a good day.


What's interesting is you said you hit translate.  when I go into a JD, I just select the file and click the dictionary icon at the top. What were you trying to set up?  I guess I'm not sure why you were doing that. What file were you creating?  I mean, it sounds like you got a workaround but I am just curious.


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