Can anyone that's using any type of USB mic tell me if they've ever had a problem with the mic stopping recording?  And you already have the power setting changed on your USB ports to stay on all the time.


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There is another section that may be timing out your USB ports besides the tweaking you can do in Device Manager for those ports.

In Control Panel, click on Power Options (Win7 and 8).  Click on your current active Power Plan by clicking Change Plan Settings.  In the next menu/window, click on Change Advanced Power Settings.  Scroll down until you see USB Settings.  Click on the + sign to the left to expand it.  Then again hit the + sign to expand USB selective suspend settings.  If it's Enabled on both of these choices (plugged in and battery), Click on the blue highlighted Enabled word, Click on the down arrow key that then shows up, choose Disable...then back out using OK or Apply button or both. 

Seems there is not only the Windows disabling of the USB port via power saver, but also some proprietary software for the Manufacturer that can shut it down, too.

Be sure to Save your new Power Plan at the last/original window to apply it for the future...otherwise, you will need to do this each time.


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