A videographer gave me 77 -- no, it's not a typo -- I repeat, seventy-seven (77) MP3 audio files at the end of a depo when I opened his digital audio folder. I asked which file(s) was it. He pointed me to the folder. I said there were too many files, so which one(s). He said ALL of them. 

????????? SERIOUSLY???!!!

I've been reporting for 12+ years now. The most audio files I have ever gotten from a videographer were probably five to six files. He said that is how most reporters want them. Again . . . seriously???!!! It wasn't a daily. It wasn't being sent off to scopists or anything. I prefer one to two files: morning and afternoon.

IF I need the audio, I would have to spend all that time to convert every single one of the 77 MP3 files into a WAV file so it could be synced in Eclipse. THEN I would have to repeatedly try to find/match the time code to the audio file to the transcript. I wouldn't be able to get this job out for six months.

Reporters:  Have you ever gotten this many audio files at YOUR request? Or has any videographer EVER given you this many files to ONE video job? If so, why?

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