Desperately seeking Stenocast RED and BLUE units, transmitters and receivers -- the version that does not have to be plugged in. 

If you are planning on trading in your RED and BLUE for the EZ Send, I will buy your units for the same amount as the credit they will give you for the EZ Send.  Once you trade in your RED and BLUE units, they are taken off the market.

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Hi, Greta.  I have the red ones that plug into the USB.  Is that what you want?  I never used them and have had them probably two years.  I'll be in court today, but if you want them, please e-mail me at delstruss at a o l dot com.  I'll get back with you as soon as we have a break from court.  :)

Well, awesome!  Email on the way

I think Naola "Sam" Vaughn has something like this for sale.  I don't know if she's sold it.  She had it posted on the classified page.

I am selling 3 of my receivers that are Version 5. 

The red and blue receivers are the same with the EZ Send transmitter as with the RED or newest X7 receivers, so probably what you're looking for, most importantly, is a RED or X7 transmitter.  The dongles you can still order more.  There was a reporter in Chicago/Florida who had a RED transmitter with the dongles she was selling a few months back on Depoman.  You might want to look for that posting if it's still listed.  If you can't find it, send me a message and I'll dig up her contact info.  I'd be willing to bet she still has it, and if she does, it'll be brand-new condition, unused.

You are right, Laura.  After a bit of looking around, it is the RED transmitter that I want. 

I will check Depoman for the thread

Hey Greta!

I would definitely recommend staying with the RED.  I upgraded mine to the EZ Send and had nothing but problems.  Had to go back to the RED, which has always worked great!!!


The EZ Send was a nightmare.

I do know one reporter on Eclipse who had the EZ Send, sent it back and got a RED, and then he had problems with the RED and Bridge protocol.  It would stop sending.  The caseview receivers were fine and did not fail.  But now he doesn't have refresh. 


Anyone else has that problem? Or does RED work flawlessly for you?

I have a RED and use Eclipse with the Bridge protocol.  I've never had any problems, and the refresh works great.  I think the EZ Send problems are using the Bridge protocol, but it works fine using the blue receivers at 2400.  Unfortunately, that means no refresh.

Did you find the posting on Depoman I was talking about?  I think they expire after some set time and are no longer on there.  I can get you the reporter's contact info, though, if you're interested since she's someone I know.  She bought her RED after seeing mine.

My experience with the EZ Send is that it would stop sending in either protocol. 

I didn't find the depoman post.  I would like her contact info.  I found a unit at JM Steno, but I know several people who would love to have it!

Did you go into your device manager and make sure the universal serial bus controllers/USB Root Hubs are not set to shut down to save power? Make sure that box is UNchecked for each USB Root Hub. The RED has been working flawlessly for me, and I LOVE it. It's so fast and simple to set up, even with a brand-new 'puter.

Well, it did stop sending day before yesterday, but I THINK it was because I forgot to uncheck the USB root hubs. Closed out of Bridge, went back in, and it was fine.

I had problems with the RED and the first Stenocast device using Windows XP.  Stenocast told me it was a Eclipse problem.  Actually, they are just good at pointing the finger at someone else instead of finding out what the answer actually is.  I finally found out what the problem was when I upgraded to Windows 7.  I haven't had a problem since, so it must have been an operating system problem and not an Eclipse problem, as Stenocast suggested. 

Whenever I would use Stenocast with Windows XP, it would lock up my computer I was actually writing to.  Very frustrating.  Never knew when it would happen.  Could be in the morning or at 6:00 p.m. at night.  Very strange.  Now it works great.  I think Stenocast should have figured this out themselves insted of my 20 emails/phone calls wanting an answer when I'm paying for support.  I never got an answer, BTW.


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