I am not too sure if this is allowed or not, but I am wondering what is the standard formula used to calculate weekend rates. I don't want to shortchange myself or quote something too high. Thanks!

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Isn't it just like a 300 perdiem for working on the weekend?

Thanks! I am a fairly new videographer so this will be my first Saturday job.

I charge a higher attendance on weekends.  I usually keep my page rate the same.

 I worked on Mother's Day....and was only paid an extra $75, which I thought was quite low.  I'm kicking myself now.

$75 is a regular day's per diem for some firms. I'd never work a weekend for that. Negotiate your pay before you accept the job, ladies!  And gents. :)


Hey Ciara,

For weekends you can charge time + 1/2 and after 8 hours on the weekend you charge double time.  The same goes for jobs on holidays.  You can also charge time + 1/2 for jobs that start at 8 am or earlier any day of the week.  And for weekends and holidays, a job that starts at 8 am or earlier should be double time from the start and continuing through the whole day.  Scott Mitchell - Videographer in NYC


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