What do you think about key pads for your steno machine?

Hey everyone!
Does anyone out there use key pads for their steno machine to assist then with NOT slipping off keys?
Any pros and cons?
Your thoughts and input are always appreciated.

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Personally, I use them because when I was in theory, my hands were always sweaty for some reason and my fingers kept slipping. I use the thick rubber ones, and I think it makes a big difference. Also, when I bought a newer machine, I had to use it for a few days without them, and the vowel keys made the sides of my thumbs hurt a little, but that's just my opinion.
I also have the sore-thumb issue without pads.

I have the rubber ones, too, but if I had to do it all over again, I'd go with leather.
They're a must for me.

I also triple stack the vowels to bring the writing level up close to parallel with the consonants.
Tami, I love your triple-stacking! I would never write without my rubber pads. I've been using key pads since school!
The Steno Doctor will actually put on two hard keys and then a single pad to bring them up level, April. It seems slightly higher than the three pads on my Mira, but perfect on Clay's Flash.

I like the height of the three pads better (not quite completely parallel), but when they're stacked triple high, I'd lose one every once in a while. Nothing Super Glue wouldn't fix, though. :)
Thanks Jeanese! I am definitely going to try it. I always have trouble with my vowel keys!!!! Whenever i hit three keys at the same time, one is always missing. Never fails!!!

Thanks again
I'm definitely going to get this done. Save the pain and strain on the 'ol thumberoos. I'm taking the RMR 2 voice in November, though. Should I wait or will it help?

It is a zero acclimation period. It just feels good.

Try it first with the three pads and not the permanent key addition, to be safe, but I haven't heard one person say they didn't like the extra pads.

It's actually another gem I learned at a Mark Kislingbury bootcamp.
Ya-hoo! Thanks, Tami :)
You're welcome, Girlfriend!!
I've been using them for years, and I love them. I like the thick rubber pads, personally.

The pros are comfort and no slipping, softer touch. The only con is some of them are a bit too big and have to be cut back so they don't bring down surrounding keys at the same time. If you get them, just be sure they're not touching other keys.

Once you use them, you'll never want to go back. They're worth it.

Thanks so much to all of you for your valuable input!
Lisa T.


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