I've been running into this more and more.

I take a job, 0&2.   The agency I took the job for sometimes will send out the copy COD depending on who the copy law firm is, sole proprietor, slow or bad pay firm.   So then I don't get paid on the copy if the agency doesn't get paid by the copy attorney.  I mean I don't blame the agency, check this out first if they are concerned.  But I seem to be running into this more and more.  And the copy attorney signed an order form and is taking care of signature for the witness.

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I direct the firm to send the signature copy directly to the witness.

But then the plaintiff and his attorney get a free copy.

How many times has the copy lawyer,  who signed the order form, reneged on the order?   That is awful!

I took a job recently, a split dep in a divorce.   Supreme Court of the St of NY, which is a horrible venue for court reporters.  I had each attorney sign the order form but told the agency owner that since it's this venue that the atty/s might balk.  Well, the atty for the wife balked at paying for a copy the wife's dep. OK, then!  Does she think she's getting it free?  All I know is that no copy sale for me.  sucks.

Kerry, check with DRA or CCRA or the Board to find out if the new legislative law was passed.  The remedy is to sue in small claims court if you can show on the records they ordered the copy AND received it.

Usually the agency does this.  To me, that's why they take a portion of the page rate is to cover operating a business and taking care of these issues.  So I'd check with them also.

Hope this helps

I'm sure the attorney has not received his transcript.  This is a good agency.  He has not responded to their emails or voicemail.  And he is supposed to take care of signature for the witness.  So I would think if he doesn't respond, since trial date is the end of this month, the witness won't read and sign.  We don't even have an email for the witness or phone number and I don't think we should be contacting with witness since his lawyer was supposed to handle this and won't return calls.

I had one attorney sign my order form and then when my agency scanned his order form to him, he said I forged his signature.  Of course, by this time he had an opportunity to copy the transcript and not pay for it.  I had him on the same case the week I found this out and it was all I could do to not call him out right there and then.  I didn't say a word, though.  Now in hindsight, I wish I had.  I now would take the wrath from my office just to put this guy on the spot for being so unethical. 

Randall, I think you are very sharp and that you set a good example for assertive behavior that many of us would benefit from. I personally agree with everything you said and also would have called out an attorney who was questioning my integrity. What amazing and insulting gall! And I wouldn't care whether that loses the client for the agency. That is just so over the line! I normally do care very much about the client and will go all out, but that is ridiculous. That being said, I have, unfortunately, wimped out at times and let the client be an ass, so I understand Kerry's reaction. I don't necessarily recommend that, though! :) Also, to the OP, just so you know (and of course I will be called a bitch, but whatever), it is "protocol," not "protocal." Just trying to help us all look better out there. :)

Okay, okay, I correct protocol.

I should have done that in private. Sorry, Kerry. But it might help others too! And we've all done it. :) Thanks, Randall!

That would certainly create for an interesting atmosphere. LOL! Good points, but I'm not sure. I do agree generally with exposing disingenuousness, though.

(I had to look that up to spell it right!)

How do you know that the attorney didn't, in fact, pay for the copy and the agency is using that money to float the O & 1 cost? I'm seeing that a lot now too.  The only way to know if the atty firm did pay is to email the firm and ask if they paid.  Sometimes I wonder how long these reporting agencies that don't pay copies up front hold on to that copy money before paying the reporter for it.  I can assure you it is not right away that you get paid. 

Yeah, Kelli, I've said for a long time that I seem to get all the great-paying law firms and insurance companies.  Boy, howdy, do they pay me fast in comparison to the agencies whom I've work for and got paid when they got paid.  Those clients took FOR-EV-AH sometimes. -_-


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