I'm using ICVnet for my realtime.  What software are you using to stream?

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I work for multiple agencies, and the agency chooses the streaming software.  I end up using Remote Counsel/Courtroom Connect and LiveDeposition the most.  Occasionally an attorney will specifically request Livenote Stream, but I think I only used that once last year.  99% of the time it's either Remote Counsel or LiveDeposition.

I'm getting ready to buy LiveDeposition to send RT to attorneys in depositions.  I've never used it to stream outside of a deposition, but I understand it's used for that too.  That's my next purchase - just bought the iPads yesterday.

As for now, I use Courtroom connect and Livenote Stream.  LiveDeposition seems to be the next new and up and coming technology everyone is gravitating to it seems.  

Hi, Kelli,

If you don't mind sharing, what are the start-up costs for LiveDeposition?  I don't need the costs for the iPads, just what's involved in getting up and running with LiveDeposition for streaming to offsite attorneys.  Will you be using LiveDeposition to send your text to the attorneys in the room?

It's $200 and then $200 a year for maintenance and upgrades in software.  LiveDepo is also going to start designing court reporting software they said and giving it to reporters for free.   Here is the form you have to fill out and email to their offices.

Thanks, Kelli.  Is there equipment or is it just software?

You will be sent a router that you plug into your computer that sends out a signal to your ipads or netbooks.  You have to also download software from the internet on to your iPads.  I haven't gotten that far yet.  Just bought it Friday.  It's supposed to be sent to me with directions.

Apparently this is the correct form.  The other one had a typo in it.


In the conference room, LiveDeposition canNOT be beat .. especially for an Eclipse reporter like me, who's been waiting for reliable, solid realtime output to iPads for YEARS.  I've been using LiveDeposition for all realtime and it's nothing short of awesome!

For over the Internet long-distance realtime, I also must go with what the agency wants, and that's usually Remote Counsel.  It works just fine.  I have bought into the LiveDeposition remote realtime plan as well, but I've never used it yet.  They have a small charge for the router for in-room realtime (local), but when you go over the Net there's a charge per hookup.  With as little as we are getting paid for realtime as it is, no sense in entering a losing proposition, so Remote Counsel.


I talked to Steve Genter of LiveDepo yesterday and he says it's a waste of money for the reporter to pay for the streaming "over the Net" software and let the agencies pay for that part of it since there is a charge every time you use it and we have no control as to which one.  I just bought the router/software yesterday to use in depos, along with a few iPad Airs.  Can't wait to use it all.  I've known Steve for years; very nice guy.

Has anyone compared LiveDepo against Connection Magic?  I'm curious which product everyone prefers.

Hi, Wanda.  You probably know my history with Advantage Software and myView - a walking disaster for many realtime reporters.  All we've wanted for years is RELIABLE realtime-to-iPad technology, and that, I can certainly vouch for with LiveDepo.  I am following closely all things Advantage Software, and not only am I not going to touch Ver 6, I'm not going anywhere near Connection Magic until every bug and glitch and issue is worked out ... and even then, it's questionable.  I'm loving the LiveDeposition solution, and because AS has failed me before, I'm very happy with it.  The display and functions simply do not matter.  It's the solid, reliable connection that concerns me, and for that, there IS no comparison.  It's LiveDeposition all the way.

Thanks for your response, Mary Ann.  Interesting.  So does LiveDeposition work with all devices:  Samsung Note, Kindle, etc.?  I have to admit I've used Connection Magic a few times and so far, knock on wood, it's worked beautifully with an iPad.  However, that's only when Internet is available.  I haven't gotten a router yet.   And of course my depositions last week were in the basement, basically, of a hotel where the Internet was practically nonexistent so I was unable to use CM.  That's why I'm so curious about LiveDeposition.  There isn't a whole lot of information on their web site so I appreciate hearing from real reporters who have used it

.  It sounds like a great solution.


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