What to do when your body is wrecked from the repetitive stress movements of court reporting for 18 years...

So I'm at that point that my body is just about to give up from the physical stresses of cr'g for so long. Anybody else have this problem? I now dread going to a depo bc I know I'm going to be in pain all day while typing away. I've spent thousands of dollars on docs, chiropractors, stretch constantly, exercise, take advils, aleve, and I really don't think I can do it much longer at this pace. The pain and discomfort can bring me to tears.

I'm not sure what else to do. I've written a screenplay and some song lyrics. Gonna try to sell those, but of course that's fantasy land, and I have to be practical. I'm giving myself till the end of this year to make a change. Also I got to play a court reporter on a TV show last month that airs this summer. No speaking part, but it was a blast! I definitely want to pursue that some more.

But what really sux is court reporting is such good money. I live very comfortably now. I'm 41, single, no kids, good savings, but in order to make a career change, I have to move out of my expensive townhome.

Sorry for the long vent, but I'm wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing as me and what you did or are doing about it. Also maybe anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the pain?

Another thing... It really is gonna be hard to downsize and live in a crappy, probably tiny apartment again like I did when I was in my 20s, but I gotta make a change. No sugar daddy for me, no husband to fall back on. Tough times...

Thanks for listening :-)

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I found a Fujian White Crane but no Fukian White Crane.  Might you be talking about Fujian White crane instead?

White Crane Boxing (Chinese: 白鶴拳) is a Southern Chinese martial art which originated in Fujian (福建) province and is now practiced throughout the world. According to oral traditions, the creation of this style is attributed to Fāng Qīniáng (方七娘; Amoy Min Nan: Hng Chhit-niâ), a female martial artist. The characteristics of this style are deep rooted stances, intricate hand techniques and fighting mostly at close range [1] as if to imitate a pecking bird. The flying crane style however has a greater amount of long range techniques although it too does prefer close quarters hand oriented combat, which simulates the flapping of the wings. Some white crane styles also use a great variety of traditional weapons whereas others have discontinued practice with ancient weaponry.[2]

Fujian White Crane is an imitative-style of Shaolin Boxing based on the characteristics of the Taiwanese Crane. An entire system of fighting was developed based on the observations of their movement, fighting abilities and spirit. There are only five other animals of Shaolin Boxing: the Tiger, Monkey, Leopard, Snake and Dragon.

Thank you very much, Dean, for your response.  I'm going to be completely honest here, and yes, this might sound completely crazy to most (in fact, I'm sure it will).  I'm a follower of Jesus, the "God" of the Old Testament and the New.  My particular gift is spiritual warfare and healing, and I can't allow anything that would offend God to come between me and Him and tarnish my power in Him, for then it would render my spiritual warfare useless and separate me from God.  

For example, I used to attend Bikram Yoga classes many years ago, and that was one of the things that had to GO when I began to strengthen my relationship with Him.  He hates Yoga!  In fact, He can't stand anything that has anything to do with a mixing of the Holy and the profane.  Yoga has its origins in the occult.  "Yoga means "to yoke" -- to yoke with Brahman (i.e., the "Infinite," the "Universal Spirit," the impersonal force that the Hindus call "God") via the realization of an altered state of consciousness, thereby theoretically releasing oneself from the bondage of endless reincarnation. Yoga comes out of the Hindu Vedas. It can be traced back to Patanjali, who was a religious leader. Shiva, one of Hinduism's three most powerful gods, was known as "The Destroyer" -- he's called Yogi Swara or the "Lord of Yoga."http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/yoga.htm  

From what I have read, Tai Chi is along the same lines as Yoga, and until I research it further to confirm, I can have NOTHING to do with it.  

I'll give you a quick testimony of someone I once knew who was high up in the Yoga world.  He was a teacher, a former male model who donned the covers of many fitness magazines.  I met him on a blind date once, and we got to be "just friends," and he told me that he was very high up in the Yoga world, and that once he attained those "high" levels, he was demonically oppressed.  He would be pinned down in his bed by an unseen spirit, who would taunt him and make his life a living hell.  He got so spooked by the experience, he quit Yoga.  That's when I began to counsel him on the saving faith and power of Jesus Christ.  

Anyway, I KNOW this will NOT go off well here on this forum and sound completely crazy, but there it is and why I am very careful about any exercise routine that incorporates Eastern mysticism or any occult practice into its routine and why I want nothing to do with it.

BTW, I have the gift of healing infertility, so if anyone is having problems with that, please PM me, and I will pray for you personally.  For example, I had the pleasure of praying for a woman who was near 40, had been through countless in vitro treatments for years and couldn't get pregnant, and the treatments weren't working for her.  I prayed for her, and she was preggers on the next treatment.  She now has a beautiful girl now who's about 2 years old.  Another woman, she had just miscarried, was having problems also with infertility, and I prayed for God to bless her doubly for what she had lost, and she just delivered boy and girl twins a few weeks ago.  All glory to God through His son Jesus Christ!  

I think I'm absolutely speechless.  We each have to find out own way.  I wish you the best of luck.

I understand.  It sounds "crazy."  I'm used to that :-)  Best to you too, Kelli.

Your body is telling you isn't time to slow down - just like in any other field (physical labor), it's time to slow down.  Don't want to live in a crappy apartment?  You had to move out of your expensive townhouse?  Then start looking for a small house.  And I mean, SMALL - 800 feet, small yard.  In mid to north Florida you can get a house for $30,000 or less, Oxford, GA, Atlanta, North Carolina.

In twenty years - age 60, you won't be working heavy duty and have a load of money to squander.  Time to pretend you are there now. 

Yeah, you're right... I really need to slow down.

Hey, Michelle

I was wondering what part of Cali you lived so looked you up on the CSR Board Web site.  It says you got your license in July of 2011.  Did you retire from reporting a while back and then decided to get back into it?  Maybe that other profession you were doing in between isn't as stressful on your body and is still a viable career path for you.


No, didn't retire.  Moved back to Texas to be near my family and took a few months off.  Had to get licensed in CA when I moved here in 2011.

Ah, that makes sense. 


Dear Michelle!

Let me preface this with telling you that God's plans for your life and dreams for your life are better than you dreamed or even dared hoped for! He is just that good! You sound amazing, a total worldchanger, and meant to live for so much more! Michelle, you have one life to live, LIVE IT UP!

I keep running into this a lot lately, people not being able to escape their careers because of the money. I told another reporter today, i absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, do not want to stay in this career!!!!! I like it. I am so thankul for EVERYTHING, but it really sounds like no money, no client, no awesome 500-page all-dayer is going to satisfy the reality of the dreams God has specifcally placed in YOU and that you were meant to LIVE and not just be alive.

advice to you, keep your eye on the prize!!!!

(PS, i posted this while only reading page 1, only to find out, you straight up are a LOVER of Jesus!!!
SO ENCOURAGED BY YOU!!! Dream of mine is cases being CLOSED on the spot because they get healed after God shows up through prayer. I've seen Him move TREMENDOUSLY in this career, praying for people after their deposition)

Thank you so much, Kevin, for that encouragment!  I really appreciate it!  Nice to meet a fellow believer :-)

And loved your PS!  


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