What to do when your body is wrecked from the repetitive stress movements of court reporting for 18 years...

So I'm at that point that my body is just about to give up from the physical stresses of cr'g for so long. Anybody else have this problem? I now dread going to a depo bc I know I'm going to be in pain all day while typing away. I've spent thousands of dollars on docs, chiropractors, stretch constantly, exercise, take advils, aleve, and I really don't think I can do it much longer at this pace. The pain and discomfort can bring me to tears.

I'm not sure what else to do. I've written a screenplay and some song lyrics. Gonna try to sell those, but of course that's fantasy land, and I have to be practical. I'm giving myself till the end of this year to make a change. Also I got to play a court reporter on a TV show last month that airs this summer. No speaking part, but it was a blast! I definitely want to pursue that some more.

But what really sux is court reporting is such good money. I live very comfortably now. I'm 41, single, no kids, good savings, but in order to make a career change, I have to move out of my expensive townhome.

Sorry for the long vent, but I'm wondering if anyone else is going through the same thing as me and what you did or are doing about it. Also maybe anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the pain?

Another thing... It really is gonna be hard to downsize and live in a crappy, probably tiny apartment again like I did when I was in my 20s, but I gotta make a change. No sugar daddy for me, no husband to fall back on. Tough times...

Thanks for listening :-)

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God hates yoga?  Well, my daughter keeps bugging me to go with her, now I have a real excuse, LOL!  Just kidding!!!  Live and let live is my motto! 

Anyway, I have a bad neck, and lately I pulled my back out somehow, and I hit my hot tub and take a bunch of Advil.   Nothing fancy, haha.

Lol!!!  There ya go, there's your excuse for no yoga ;-)    

Well, I love Bikram Yoga.  When I leave the studio, I feel like my feet aren't hitting the ground.  I'm sure I'll be going to Hell for that for sure, along with a very long list of other items.  I'm sure I won't lose any sleep over it.  

When I'm running, I even stop to put a worm off the street or sidewalk into the grass or pile dirt on the worm.  I hope that gives me some brownie points down the road.  :)

Kerry, I just want to let you know that you have really helped a friend of mine.  She has been having serious health problems with inflammation, pain, etc.  The doctors haven't been able to figure it out.  I told her about what you wrote here, and she's been reading all about leaky gut.  That's what she has.  Thank you so much for posting here!   Your post was perfect timing for her.

Hi, Janet.  My sister in law has always had very bad back pain (genetics unfortunately) and was on the verge of some heavy duty surgery in her late 40s.  She has also had digestive problems too.  Because it had helped him so much her chiropractor recommended a gluten free diet.  She has been doing it for 6-8 months now and has seen dramatic improvement. 


I have had neck surgery C4/5 and 6 due to neck problems and pain in my left arm.  Then I had a third row carpectomy.  Removal of three bones in the right wrist. Kienbock's disease.   All made worse by this job, especially the wrist thing.  I went for a year wearing a brace and getting cortisone shots until I got a second opinion on my wrist.  By the time I got the MRI, the bones had died from lack of blood supply.  I can tell I am getting another bulging disc on the right side of my neck because I'm starting to have pain down that arm.  I have sciatica from all those years of sitting and crossing, uncrossing legs. 

I've been reporting for 30 years.  I, too, try not to do more than two good jobs a week.  If I go a few days without writing my wrists and forearms ache when I start to write.  Guess I should do a warm up before going to the job. 

I want to retire but can't afford to.  :(

Oh, I'm so sorry, Debbie! You've been through a lot! It's too bad they don't have that disability policy anymore (or so I've heard) for reporters. I met a guy up in LA at a house party whose wife had some disability policy and retired on it due to carpal tunnel. He said they discontinued offering the policy. I'm going to add u to my prayer list!

I should have gotten disability insurance long ago, but it was so expensive then, and when you're young, you think you are never going to wear out!!  I do pretty well.  At least my right wrist doesn't fatigue anymore.  Just the arm itself. 

I hear ya! I wish I had gotten some policy too! I could be sipping margaritas, going to the gym and spa more often, waking up late... Ah, the good life

I have been paying $50 a month for 25 years now for my disability policy.  my benefit is only $1400 a month. Better than nothing, but no spa treatments on that income when you live in the Bay Area (California).  I couldn't increase it because the company got swallowed up into a bigger company.  Even at that amount, It will be a great benefit if/when I have to use it.         

I got disability insurance about 17 years ago and still have it.  However, it only pays 2500 a month.  17 years ago I may have thought that would be enough.  Now, that doesn't cover even a third of our bills.  I don't even know why I've paid for it all these years.  What a joke. 

Ooo... $2500, yeah, I'd have to scale down quite a bit, perhaps move to the "bad" side of town and get a waitressing job or something like that. But keep it, Kelli! $2500 is better than nothing!


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