Why does the "Sign Out" button not work anymore? -- I fixed it!!!

Ever since the changeover in ownership, I have been unable to sign out of The Nation. When I click the "Sign Out" button, nothing happens, and I'm still logged in. :(

Anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: Just in case anyone ever has this problem (so far, seems like it's just ME), I finally figured out what was wrong. I use Firefox, and I had the "Adblock" feature turned on, which must have happened when I updated Adblock. I had to disable the "Adblock" feature on the CSRnation page to get the post buttons to work on here, and the edit bar (bold, italics, underline, etc.) now show up again! Yyyyyyyay!!! *grins happily*

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Wow, Glen, I am impressed. Who knew you were such a tech guru??
Hi, Kelli.

I spent a year learning web design and development. Couldn't find actual work doing it, so I ended up in CR school ... but I remember a thing or two from that year long course!


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