I backup all my wav file and ecl files that don't transcribe to online storage and a external hard drive.

However, I have learned that my online storage site is closing. Anybody have any good recommendations for an online storage site?


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Carbonite seems pretty reasonable. Hopefully they don't go out of business. I paid $90 for 2 years of unlimited storage, including wav and dss files. You just go into Windows Explorer and right click on any folder and tell it to back up with Carbonite. And there are little icons that tell you what is backed up and what is scheduled for backup.
I just use external hard drive and YouSendIt (free version) to send audio files to scopist. With the free version, you can only send one file at a time. For a small fee (around $10 mo) you can get a version where you can send multiple files or a folder. With YouSendIt, you don't actually send the files. Rather, you upload temporarily to their storage, and the recipient has 7 days to retrieve the file. Not sure purpose of your online storage if you already have a physical backup on your computer (other than sharing files with someone). Another idea - I haven't tried it, but I know you can sign up for a Windws Live account, and it has a place you can store files and and then share the files with others.
I have 2 external hard drives. These units fail after about 2 years. I think that's the longest I've had any of them, whether it be AC + USB or just USB powered. I never buy one more than 120 GB because they'll fail before I'd fill it up. They cost $70-$90. So I figure that for $90 for 2 years is the cost of another external hard drive so I view it as a last resort fail-safe in case both hard drives crap out at the same time.
Yes, it'll take at least a week and more if you haven't been shy about what to select for backup (several years of audiosynch files, for instance, that I backed up). And there's many options as to when to have the backup occur. Mine is set to automatically back up, which is done in the background while you use the PC. This backup is mostly benign and I haven't been tempted to switch it to, say, 1 a.m. to 7 a.m., the time that I'm never sitting at the computer. There is an option to start at a certain time and stop at a certain time each day. It's extremely configurable.
I'm trying out the Mozy right now. It only took a couple of hours to back up the files I wanted to back up. Of course, I only have two gigs.
$50 a year (not month!), Trina. Now many GBs (gigs) did you back up? I have 83 GB backed up. To see that, go into Windows Explorer and look for Carbonite Backup Drive and it'll show you exactly how much.
Thank you for sharing that! I had no idea. I've shared your notice with my other CR friends. THANKS!
Thanks for the info about the $50/year unlimited backup with Carbonite? If so, you're welcome!
I have been using Sugar Sync. Backup is automatic and real time, no clicking or thinking about it. It is free up to a certain size and then a nominal charge, I think $5 a month or something. I am a scopist, so I don't send audio files, but it has the capability of doing that, too, just click and send a link. It is super simple and something I don't have to think about. Also, if I am on the run and I need to resend a completed transcript, I can! It has worked great for me!
So I've been looking for an online backup system and saw a lot of you use Carbonite, so I signed up. However, I can't get it to back up my CaseCatalyst files. I have the CC icon on my desktop selected for backup, but it's not backing up my individual job files within CC, including my audio files. I've tried going under "my computer" and clicking the program file and doing it that way, but it's still not working. How did you all get Carbonite to back up your files within your court reporting software?

Thanks for the help!



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