Everybody seems to do this differently.

If they just say five eight. No inches, no feet, no nothing. What do you put?

five, eight
5, 8

Let's get some consensus.

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I do 5-8. Others do 5'8". Still others do other things, I'm sure. But I would use numerals no matter what since it's a measurement.
I use either five-eight or 5-8. If measurements have been referred to earlier in the transcript, I'll use numbers. If not, I'll write it out.
I think Morson says 5-8.

As a scopist, I see it many ways. I go with reporter preference, which doesn't help form a consensus here.
"I'm five eight" = I'm 5'8".
Five-eight is my vote.
Oh, I didn't see the last line about consensus. Not sure that's possible, other than agreeing that there's more than one way of reflecting it.

If I were using number conversion, I'd do 5'8", but since I don't, I let what I write stand, which is 5-8.
If the speaker didn't say "five feet, eight inches" I would just tran it as five-eight, or five, eight. if the speaker said feet and inches, that's another story. Then I would probably use the ' and ".
I was told by someone way back when, it's 5-8.
I would do "five, eight" if it is the reporter's preference to spell out 1 through 10. I would not use the hyphen.

I'm anxious to see what everyone else thinks.

I thought I had deleted this. Now my face is redder than usual.
I use five-eight.

if they say inches or feet then I would write it:

five feet eight inches

Our firm does five-eight.....


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