Q. You apparently entered, I think, at least three businesses, right? And removed property?

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I would do it exactly how you did!! the "I think" is just an aside, not really an interruption.

Rhoda, I'd just do commas around "right."
Thanks, that's what I ndered
Q. What are the sizes of the rooms, standard, do you know, the bedrooms?

Another one....I wish they would just 'ask' the question w/out the 'do you know' stuff, lol...
is there a semicolon in here somewhere? This just looks goofy to me.
yeah, Rhoda, I don't think attys are not preparing their cases and questions as well as they used to do.

I would handle this question just like your previous one. here's how I would do it:

Q. What are the sizes of the rooms, standard, do you know? The bedrooms?

it's still awkward. was there any hesitation in the atty's voice that
might give you a clue as to the meaning of his question or intention?
was he stammering? (they stammer all the time in my courtroom)

in the end I wouldn't lose sleep over it, just punctuate the best you
can and move on. perhaps after the atty reads his transcript, he'll
realize that you are writing verbatim and not going to rewrite his
questions for him and he will make an attempt to frame his questions
better?? -at least we can hope.
LOL, TY Kathy.


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