Objection, Judge, asked and answered.

Or is that a semicolon after Judge?
I've seen a - after Judge too.

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I do depos, and I always put a period between my objections and the bases. Example:
"Objection. Asked and answered, vague and ambiguous, calls for speculation."

So in your example, I'd do "Objection, Judge. Asked and answered."

I don't think there's any hard-and-fast rules out there regarding this. But they are basically sentences, both the objection and the reasons. If they were to say the entire sentence, it would probably go like this:
"I have an objection. I believe it's asked and answered, vague and ambiguous, etc." I wouldn't use a semicolon or a comma between those.

Just my two cents.
ok, that makes sense. Thanks, Marla. Wish I lived in So Cal to hit your gatherings!!!
Hey, Rho. I wish you could come to the gatherings too. I was thinking of having one during the DRA convention in Newport Beach in February. Don't suppose you're coming for that, are you?
I can't afford to at this point. I want to hit another convention someday...sigh. Went to NYC in 2005. I'm not making enough tho. Our firm got overstaffed last summer. Helping one other place tho, so hoping that helps 2009. Taking the NYS test in April too. If I worked in courts I could afford it, LOL!
I live in Rochester, NY, Newport is a ways away, lol!
that's in interesting question. I supposed that's why I'm still reading these. I happen to use a semi-colan. Lord knows they sure don't pause.

New question: How about "Okay," and "All right"? Is it all right to start a new paragraph after that? Technically speaking, aren't they referring to the previous answer (or thought) and then beginning with a new one, which then should start a new paragraph?

Let's get some feedback on that one.
In my opinion, it's too short to be in its own paragraph. If there were any other words, like "I understand" or "that's fine" or something like that, then, yes, I'd do a new paragraph after. Though I am big on doing a new paragraph for new thoughts. I think any and all preamble to a question should be separated with a new paragraph. Example:
Q Okay. I'm going to ask you a question about
the January 2009 time period.
Do you have an opinion on how the accident happened?
Marla, I'm talking technically here. I find your comment contradicting. I still love you though.
Oh. Oops. Maybe I didn't get your question. Sorry.


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