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I'm a new reporter, and I just started using Digital Cat. I'm looking for a reliable proofer. Does anyone have any recommendations for a proofer or where to find someone?


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I use Digital CAT and would be thrilled to help you out! I have 25+ years of legal and medical experience. I am very dependable and energetic! Great turnaround time. If I can help you, please contact me at dianahufmn@gmail.com. Thanks!

Hi Nathalia,

Just wondering if you connected with anyone to proof for you. I would love to help you out with DigitalCat proofing or scoping. I have been scoping/editing depositions and court hearings for over 11 years, and at one time I worked as the scopist and editing manager training other scopists in the office of Stenovations, the creator of Digital Cat software. During this time, I worked directly with Johnny Jackson on preparation of copy ready materials. I can attest that he is truly a genius and will accommodate the needs of reporters and scopists alike. He is a very generous person and is the real deal.

I am willing to do it YOUR way and would like to develop a business relationship with a reporter for the advantages of familiarity, availability and trust. Feel free to contact me by email at rebaburgess@verizon.net.

Thanks and have a great New Year!
Reba Burgess
I've been proofing on DC for a year now for two new reporters, and proof for a couple more seasoned reporters using Adobe PDF. I use Morson's guidelines and do great with research of street names, etc. Check out my page for more about me if you are still looking for a proofer! I have references and will do 15 pages for free for your review.
I have a friend who's a retired court reporter. (20+ years experience as an official and doing depos) She'd like to take on scoping jobs.

I'm still a student, but she's helped me a lot - looking at my notes, suggesting briefs, parenthesis to handle interrupting speakers...

I can help her get set up on Digicat.



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