My stacking Mira of Murrieta . . .


DUI cop on stand, asked, "Blah, blah . . . What are you looking for?

A. Well, I want to see how well he could maintain his balance. Again, the symptomology [sic] of SKWHRAOPBLD it does to the motor skills.

I think i just figured out part of it while I was writing this. . .

", and what"

That leaves an extra O and L combined with all the other words on there. I think it's a three-word stack.

I write ", and" SKWRAND, if that helps.

Yes, I now, thanks to Magnum Steno, have embraced the SKP- for "and," but I still write an AND for "and" when it stands alone and in this instance. There are probably a couple more instances.

Anyway, any suggestions??

This is the only reason (A WRITER THAT STACKS) where I feel I might break down one day and start using audio.

Okay. I said it! :)

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I meant to say "and the other 'letters' on there." Hopefully you-all got my drift. :)
Oh, gosh. Might it be "balance and blood alcohol and what it does to the ??

Audio definitely comes in handy in situations like this. And, you know, it doesn't mean you're any less of a reporter, cuz, frankly, you are amazing!!

So the StenoDoc fix hasn't really worked, huh? I just contacted them, as well as Stenograph, to set up a check-up for mine. I'm a little concerned now.
I was where you were a few years ago - avidly and furiously against audio backup, including audio synch, and then my writer started stacking like crazy and I decided it was worth a try. It is worth it to use the audio synch for checking the stack strokes, but I am doing what I said would happen when you use audio backup. You become lazy, and little by little, you start to let those instances go by when you normally would stop them and think, I'll just check the audio.
Hi, Tami,

Looks to me like "alcohol, and what"


Great active section! Thanks for starting it.

Laura, that's it!!

(It didn't need the comma, though.)

Now you tell me that was human error!! AARGH!

Thank you, Christine and Sam, for the nudge. I'm just afraid I might get lazy, too.

AND now that I know I can count on Laura to figure it out . . . HA!
Oh, and, Christine, the writer is quite a bit better than it was, BUT it's still a Mira, and I really think Miras stack no matter what.

It stopped dribbling, which was a big problem before the service. Now it just all of a sudden starts not registering a letter in the middle of the proceedings. Works fine one line and is missing the next. As soon as I adjust it a notch, it's back to picking up.

It's like it adjusts on its own three notches difference, and when I turn it one notch, it's back to being okay.

It is a definite improvement, though, so I'll take what I can get.
I came up with a couple of good ones as a result of some nonpurposeful stacks.

to it = TOEUT

tried to = TROEUD
"for a" stacked "fire."


Remember brief for "for a." FAOR


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