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I just watched this audition.  This is the best version of this song I've ever heard.

I don't know how it's possible to watch that without crying.  I loved what he just did.  You're right, Janet, that was unbelievable.

I hope he goes very far. 

Did you watch the Jason Brock video I posted?  He is amazing too.  It is so sad that people out there are this talented and no one knows who they are.  They should be selling millions of records already!!

I did see him perform, Kelli.  He's got an amazing voice too. 


I wonder who is going to end up coaching the groups this season.  That's usually my least favorite part of the show.  There is a group of sisters that are on this season that have talent.  Last year I didn't like that girl group. 

I have a really hard time getting into the groups.  They will never win.  Everyone seems to always want one person to win.  There are some seriously talented people this year.  Not sure what's going to happen.  Will be fun to watch and post about it here.  I love the singing reality shows; they're my favorite of all.

Thought of you this week, Janet, every single time L.A. went into his goovin' head bob!  There are a lot of really talented people this time.  I'm curious about who mentors which group and how they go about doing it.  I hope Britney surprises me...

LOL, Debbie!   I missed one of the nights this week.  I just saw the video of the heavy guy in the wheelchair.  I saw him on another show before.  He has an incredible voice.  It will be interesting to see how far he makes it with the show.  


I really like the next phase of the show much more when they perform at the judges' homes.  I'm looking forward to it.

Where are you, Debbie?  L.A. is going mad with his bobbing tonight!   Now I thought of you.  :)

Oh, bummer.  I'm chained to the computer.  Won't get to it until the weekend probably.   Wow -- it must be really good if L.A. is groovin' on down.

I thought they were going to the judges' homes this week.  I guess I forgot there's another part before that.


The one who stood out to me last night is the girl with the leopard paint on her face.  The one in the leopard dress is totally annoying.  She was the one with the big hat in the first set of auditions.

Anybody still watching this?  I didn't think I was going to stick with it, but there are just some incredibly talented people this season.  I KNEW I didn't like L.A. Reed, and when he threw a hissy fit about having to mentor the "old people" -- over 25 -- and then he pulls Justin Bieber, who's, what, 19 and a megastar, in to work with him -- what an insult to those people who have been working for years trying to get a break.  But I guess that is "The Biz."  Makes court reporting look like -- I don't know, a LOT better!   Anyway, with that off my chest, it'll be interesting to see who makes the show.  All those kids in every segment were pretty good.  I hated that arrogant girl in the older group.  I was glad to see her fail, although, she wasn't much different than that girl with the leopard spots in Demi's group.  I was glad to see that she took Demi's criticism to heart.  It made her a lot more human.  Favorites:  The 13-year-old -- Rosemary???  (I can never remember names)  The one whose mother looks like a weight-lifter :-D.  And I really like the 40-year old guy with tatoos all over his head.  Viso??  something like that.  I love his voice, and there's something in the way he sings that is just very fragile and beautiful.  He reminded my husband a little of Kurt Cobain.

I don't know any names yet.  My favorite on the show is the young girl with the long, dark hair, the one they made the comment about her being a dragon, wiping out the town.  She is so talented.  What is with Brittany wondering if she'll collapse from the pressure?  That shouldn't even enter into her decision.  She doesn't know that girl well enough to judge that. 


I like the tattooed (head) guy's voice.  He's so powerful. 


I cannot stand the woman in the over 25 group.  She annoyed me from the first moment she appeared on the show.  For the groups, I liked the two guys with the pirate lady.


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