I have a question for you all. Say you get a transcript that is the amount of pages you can do faster than your turnaround time, do you stretch it over the turnaround days or do you get it back ASAP? If you get it back within a day or two do you get paid or charge the expedite rate? How do you handle your turnaround? Thanks to all that reply!!

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I send it back as soon as I get it done, and never charge expedite unless the reporter is getting expedite. Good service is always appreciated, and the reporter will usually send more work your way.
Great advice. Thanks.

Here's my $0.02. If you can get a transcript back ASAP, you get it back ASAP. This is a business, and keeping your clients happy is the name of the game. Your goal should be that your client is always surprised when they get the transcript: "Wow, that was fast!" This is just good business. Do not charge extra for your own above and beyond service. You only charge expedited when the time limit is imposed on you, not when you do it by your own choice.

Great advice!! Thanks.
I always get it done and send it back as soon as I can. I never charge expedite rates unless it is an actual expedite requested by the reporter.
Thanks, Julie.
Now, another element to the question. What if you have several transcripts due around the same time or date, how do you handle them. Do you do a little of each every day or do you do each one at a time?
This is a personal issue of time management. I never work on two jobs at the same time. Keeping the continuity of testimony in your own mind is important. If you've got two due, then crank out the first one and make sure you're leaving enough time for the next one. If you're really in a bind, then you're just going to have to forgo sleep. :)

Just a bit of advice: As I said, remember this is a biz. My policy is: never complain to your reporter. Never gripe that you've got a lot of jobs and little time to a reporter. Never, unless it is truly an extreme circumstance, ask for an extension. If you stay up all night to get a job out, they do not need to know of your heroism. Keep your promises, quietly, no matter what it takes. Quiet reliability. That's what they want, and that's what we need to give. Oh, and always plan to get the transcript to them before the deadline. That's just good business sense.
Excellent points, Brian!
Thanks, Brian, That's some great advice!!
Ditto what several others have said. I do not charge expedite or daily rates unless that service is requested of me. If I can return the job that day or the next, I do so. I make it a habit to NEVER put off doing a job because I have a long turnaround time. You never know when a request for a daily or an expedite will come in. It would be a shame to turn away that offer if you've been slacking getting your regular work out! There's also a chance an attorney will suddenly decide he wants that transcript NOW. A frantic reporter is always happy to discover that you're almost done. I've found that you will never, ever get a complaint that you returned a job too fast.

Another thing I do is let the reporter know if I have something to finish up before starting theirs. I keep the reporter updated on my progress and give an idea when I expect to have the job back to them. This is true whether it's nearing the deadline or days before it.
Great advice again. Thanks.


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