I have always used cables for realtime.  I have two loaner computers that I always seem to be using and haven't hooked up to an attorney's computer in I can't remember how long.  I use CaseView  and it works great.  Want to switch over to wireless.  I see a lot of used ones and just was wondering if I should make the investment.  Seems like there's a lot of red/blue debate.

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My software that I use is Eclipse.  I have old cables that I don't even bring with me to jobs any more.  I have StenoCast red and blue and they both work great for attorneys who insist that they want LiveNote.  I have now switched to using Bridge Mobile so my attorneys just go to a website and with my password enter the deposition, even if they arrived late, and get the entire proceeding on their computer, including any refreshes that I make while editing.  I do have two loaner Netbooks that I bring to realtime jobs for attorneys who did not think they wanted realtime.  I do run the StenoCast and Bridge Mobile simultaneously.

I think Stenocast is a bit obsolete at this point too.  I used it with my netbooks for years but now everyone wants iPads, so I had to go out and buy three iPads because attorneys like that.  After hearing, "The other reporter had iPads" which makes you feel like you're not up to speed, so had to make the plunge.

If you do go with Stenocast wireless, get the red ones because when you make corrections in your trancript, it transfers over to the attorney's laptop.  I think that's pretty important.  If you're on Eclipse, using Bridge Mobile through the internet, which is wireless, is a free service as of now and it works great.  

I actually have an iPad and Samsung Galaxy that we barely use and would love to use either of those instead of lugging my laptops around.  Do you know of anything comparable to Bridge Mobile that Case Catalyst users can use?

Kelli, can you explain more what you use with the iPads to do realtime?

You set the iPad to get a wireless connection to the Internet.  Then I type in HTTPS://connect.eclipsecat.com and the Bridge Mobile app will appear.  You hit on the lightening bolt and look for your job in process, this is after you're in a transcript ready to write on your writer - your computer you write to has to be online so the iPads can see the transcript.  It's pretty cool.  You also have to have a pretty strong WiFi connection too.

I also have my scopist using the Connection Magic so she's editing as I'm writing a realtime job.  All the edits she makes go immediately on the iPads for cleaner transcript.

Oh, I'm using CaseCatalyst.

Hi, Jennifer,

I am using iCVNet.  It is a Stenograph product.  It allows you to send the feed either to iPads or to a PC or netbook.  It refreshes any globals you make all the way back to the beginning of the transcript.  There is a cost to get the software.  The first year the cost is bigger and then to renew the software it does not cost as much.

It is really seamless.  I bought my own hotspot so I take that to depos.  That way I don't have to get to the depo extra extra early to make sure it works.  I just turn on my hotspot, my computer and my iPads and hit connect on the iPads and we are off to the races.  I love it.

Janiece, your hotspot, is that like a Verizon MiFi?  I tried using that and the signal was never strong enough.  Are you using something else?  

Hey, Kelli,

Yes, I am using the Verizon product.  Mine is called a Jet Pack and I can route with it.  It's working great.  I have used it in many different offices.

Mine is a Verizon MiFi, but not sure it's the Jet Pack.  I just got it a few months ago and sometimes it works but mostly, not so great.  It wasn't cheap either.  I have to rely on having great WiFi at the attorney's offices.  If not, I just use my LiveDeposition and that works great too.  But that way, my scopist can't be editing my transcript as I'm writing.  Technology has some issue.


Mine looks very similar to yours. Yours says "Jetpack."  I got mine a couple months ago.


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