The editor just closes on me while I'm working - sometimes it's while I'm playing the audio, sometimes not. Support suggests it's my computer because no one else is having this problem.

Anybody having this problem?

Thanks! And happy new year!!


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Are you working in XP or Vista? Mine has done this occasionally since I have been on Vista, but only while playing audio...
I'm on XP. Nothing changed about my system except the upgrade, so it's definitely StenoCAT in my opinion. Not theirs, of course. It's done it for months. Support was no help. So I bought Eclipse. Just need to find the time to change absolutely everything I know. Ugh.
I'm new here, and so my feedback is a little late, but I, too, have the problem w/ it freezing up, and I don't even use Audiosync. At first myself or another reporter in CA who was scoping for me would call StenoCat, and each time we were told the file was "corrupted." Just thought I'd offer a little support and tell you I truly feel your pain!

I've also been considering a change to Eclipse but am beginning to second-guess that decision. Please keep us posted on how you like or don't like Eclipse.
Wendy, I stayed w/ Stenocat, and now I am using Stenocat w/ the audiosync, and just from a quick review of the above posts, I believe what most people are talking about w/ the freezing up issue (from a brief review of the above posts) is when in the playback mode. If I'm correct about that, I prefer to scope and proof w/ a foot pedal and, therefore, use other software to play my audio and have no problem in that regard.

The freezing I was talking about in the post -- best I can tell by process of elimination -- happened when inserting messages in the transcript. So by having scopists insert less of those, I haven't encountered the problem lately.

Now, whether I'm correct about what I think the others are saying or not, I do still have a problem w/ Stenocat freezing up while taking depos. Every now and then I'll look over at my laptop screen and freak because Stenocat has frozen. At first I thought it was when I was writing hot and heavy and my hands were flying who knows where on the keyboard; or maybe it was happening because I would make one large file rather than several smaller ones, say, on an all-day deposition; was told by Stenocat that possibly my wireless connection between writer and laptop was dropping the connection; but now I'm really thinking the freeze may be occuring when my old Stentura 8000 is writing to the disk.

Thankfully this doesn't happen often. I'm usualy able to reach over and quickly close the file and reopen a new one, and the audio file is still intact, although that portion is no longer synced, and I'm able to recoup the data from the disk since I'm no longer using paper w/ my old writer.

The biggest reasons I chose to stay w/ Stenocat are: 1, it's my understanding (do not know for a fact) that Eclipse doesn't allow you to just type on the screen to insert a dropped word or letter(s) like we're able to do w/ smartkeys off (I mostly use macros, which do the same things as the smartkeys and, therefore, don't have to hit 3 or more keys to insert a single letter, if that makes sense); 2, the cost of a year of support is about what it is for leasing Stenocat per year, and that just makes way more sense to me. I love the idea that Eclipse suggests briefs while you're writing, but since learning of that feature, I now make a conscious effort before beginning depos and while I'm writing to brief the words being used over and over and then jot them on a piece of paper in front of me, and I've found that works pretty good. Sometimes I just need someone to plant a seed.

This post was interrupted by several very long phone calls, and so I apologize for the delay in posting this reponse as well as the lack of focus. I'm happy to share my opinions and/or experience, and so please feel to ask again if I didn't address anything in particular.

Have a great evening.
My StenoCat32 has expired last month and am considering Eclipse, but it's so expensive.
What's your take on the differences, if there are any?
Same problem here. Freezes up hard when playing back audio, especially when going from stop to pause to play. I moved my docked audio sync icons and the "save" icon to be right above/below each other on the tool bar and I now hit "save" every single time before and after I hit the "play" button. It's time consuming and frustrating, but I don't lose any work on a freeze up. Never had this problem before Vista. You're not alone....
Hi there. Yes! I was wondering what the heck that was. What happens is when I'm playing the audio, the software freezes. I used to think the audio was messed up, but once I bring the system back up, the audio is find and it doesn't do it again. The only problem is that you tend to lose some of your work. I haven't had a chance to call Gigatron to find out what this is.
Sheree, best I understand, it happens more frequently on Vista than XP, and it has somethign to do w/ the couple of seconds it backs up. I'm trying think how to say it as it's late, and my brain is pretty fried. It's like hitting stop, rewind, stop, play. There's a good bit about it on Gigatron's forum and I remember even reading there's a fix for it. I know how frustrating that is. Check out the forum or give them a call because I think it's a quick fix and life will be much better this week. If you can't get on the forum for some reason, post again, and I'll go cut and copy the info I remember reading.
I've had the problem for all the years on StenoCat32. It's with all computers, both Vista and XP. There's a problem with the rewind on the AudioSync. You can't keep going back and forwards on playback. Plus, every page I have to save so I'm prepared when it freezes.


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