Has anyone tried to have a technical problem resolved and is only able to talk to one specific tech support person at Gigitron who can't resolve the problem? Also along those lines, has anyone had an issue with their templates where oftentimes the characters on one line won't line up with the characters on the line below or above it? In other words, they're off by a half a character, not a whole character. Does that make sense? Anyone, anyone??

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When they don't line up for you, are they off by half a character so that things like your caption page (birdcage) and index pages are impossible to make look right? Because this is not normal and shouldn't be happening. II'm currently on Stenocat 32, and this never happened on Open Stenocat, which I had for 11 years. 'm spending somtimes up to an extra 45 minutes on a transcript in order to rig it to behave correctly. Totally frustrating and infuriating that tech support seems to be confused by this as well. I'd be curious to know what they would tell you or any of the reporters you scope for, especially if someone else got ahold of a different support person.
When the )s won't line up in the style, or page #s on the Index, you can just get the cursor to the very far left edge of the page (default paragraph style). Then use your spacebar to move over each space instead of using tab or a combination of the two.
If you tab over five and then use your spacebar, it messes up. You have to use the spacebar only to get it perfectly lined up.
Go to a Stenocat Users Group seminar (Jacksonville, FL next month) and you get one-on-one sessions with tech support included in your seminar price. www.sughome.com
Thanks, Christy. You know, I actually have tried that. I've tried retyping the entire caption in default, and sometimes it will work and sometimes it still won't. It's the strangest thing ever. Plus, that completely defeats the purpose of having fields in the birdcage to quickly get the caption filled out. You know what I mean? I guess it just doesn't make sense to me that one line in any part of the transcript could somehow be off by another line by half a character. Why would one line have different spacing than another? My tech support person can't seem to answer that question. But I will try your way again to get me through the transcripts I have out right now. Thanks.

By they way, do you know if the Stenocat Users Group ever has seminars on the West Coast?
We do have seminars on the West Coast. In March we were in Anaheim. Our next one is in Jacksonville, Florida, but the one after that will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go to sughome.com and that's where we post the upcoming seminars and the class content.
Thanks, Jeannette. Maybe I will check out the Vegas one. I didn't have the software in March, so bummer that I missed that one. I still think that tech support, which I pay for, should be able to make my template "not buggy," which they converted for me in the first place, but anyway . . .


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