Alt shift O to create an ASCII.
Alt O to print.

I love that Eclipse can make a pdf. The lastest upgrade included a little piece of software called CutePDF. You just choose CutePDF instead of your printer after hitting Alt O, and it creates the pdf. Simple.

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For anyone who isn't totally familiar with all the Windows shortcuts like alt-tab to toggle between running programs, I'm attaching my very own Windows shortcuts cheat sheet. There are a lot of handy shortcuts we could all be using in there, like hitting the Windows button plus E will open Windows Explorer, ctrl N opens up a new Internet Explorer, and a bunch of others. If anyone has any to add, let me know!!
Awesome, Marla!! Thank you. I've always hated going through Windows Explorer's many steps to get to my user folder in Eclipse. I just created the shortcut and am so happy =o)) Sometimes it's the simplest things that make our life easier, huh?? I"m off to try the Word one for my "reporting" folder ~ Yay!!
ECLIPSE ROCKS!!! I switched from StenoCat last year and can't believe all the things this programs does.
Wow, SC was and is a DINO!!!
Just had to get that off my chest. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
LOL Glad to have you in the fold. And so glad you got that off your chest! ;)
Amen, Premier Reporting! I made the switch from StenoCAT to Eclipse a year ago, and it's the best move I've made in my career. SC is totally a dino!
I just accidentally discovered something I didn't know existed. When you highlight a group of words by hitting M in hyperkeys, if you hit the period, it'll put periods between all the highlighted words. Handy for email addresses. Example:

I knew you could highlight words and hit the hyphen key to put a hyphen between them, but I also just found out that if you hit shift plus the hyphen key, it'll put dashes on both ends of the words. Example: "I'd like to -- sorry about that -- give you this exhibit."

Thank you for the shift control I. I use it constantly while editing....It is a huge time saver. I am trying to get use to the hyperkeys. I just cannot seem to get beyond hitting that N to type in text, and then press enter. I am so use to using the arrows on my keyboard.

Marla, you can also highlight a word and hit the quote key, and it will put quotes at the beginning and end of a sentence, or a single word or letter. Example: "Yes" or "A".

You've gotta be kidding me! I've been training for nine years, and I didn't know about marking and using Shift-Hyphen for dashes. Of course it does that... it works great with commas, but I never thought about trying it with hyphens. Yea!

Thanks for sharing.

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