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How can I make an entire transcript uppercase?
Hi Marla,

Go to User settings, Document tab, click Advanced button, and then checkmark All Caps.

Hope this helps :)

You know, I did that, and nothing changed in the transcript. What else ya got? ;)
Funny, I just made an ASCII of the file, and it's in all caps. It just must not show on the display. Weird. Thanks, April!!
Sure thing. Just remember to uncheck ALL CAPS before printing your next job :)
Oh, btw, I sent a msg to Denise Riffle re scoping. I read your favorable review of her work and I need to get scoping/computer work off my plate. My migraines are getting worse and my neurologist has me trying new things and they really mess w/my head :(
Thanks for posting her name :)
Oh, sure thing. Glad I could help. Denise rocks! She knows her punctuation rules and is very consistent and reliable.

So the check mark stays in the "All caps" section of the Document Settings whether you do the copy current document to master or not? I've only been on Eclipse a year or so, and that whole copy thing confuses me.
It's not supposed to copy itself to your master settings, but you may want to double check by exiting that job and at your Eclipse menu type Alt+U to go to User settings and check Document tab, Advanced button, and see if the ALL CAPS is unmarked. If it's not, great. If it is, uncheck it.
I've been on Eclipse for 8 years and I learn new things all the time.
I have gotten myself into trouble by getting too far into the guts of the program (like the kid who takes the watch apart to find out what makes it tick and then can't get it back to work).
Just did what you suggested, and it's not checked when I'm out of the document. Hooray! Thanks again.
Marla, There are two places to check for all caps. One is, as April told you, under settings/document/advanced, and that one is for printing the transcript.

The other one is under settings/display, to the left it says ALL CAPS. If you check that, the transcript on your screen will be in all caps, but it won't print that way.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks, Tim. That's great. It's good to know both ways. Some agencies like it printed in all caps, which I'm happy to do, but I don't like reading it that way.
Is there a way to separate jobs while still writing? I'm working in court for the first time and need to figure out a way to identify or separate each case.
Here's the reply I made to your comment in the other discussion, but maybe it will help others here, too:

Maybe this will work for you. I work in court full time and I'm on eclipse. I make it easy.
I created a stroke that comes out as [New Case] centered and includes new paragraph line. (I chose to use the asterisk with the number bar, hitting it twice, so it's sort of like new paragraph.) I hit that stroke three or four times in between the cases getting called - because that's all you have time to do!
My jobs are categorized by folders of months and the files are named 7-23-09am, then am2, then pm, then pm2.
When you get a transcript order, you do a F5 search in your text file for "New Case", or even just "[ ", and you can quickly see what case is being called next. Keep doing CTRL L until you find your portion.
I then highlight the text I want, COPY, hit the open transcript button, TYPE AN UNDERLINE after the file name (the original name will already show up for you), and then type in your name like "Martin" after the underscore. Answer "yes" to do you want to create a new file. PASTE your text. As long as it's in the same folder as the original, your audio will remain with the file because of the underline.
I've got it down to such a fast process that it's no problem separating out when I get a transcript order.
Hope this helps.
Cindy L.A.


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