I am trying to make a macro that inserts:
Q Okay.

I input:

The macro commands now look like:
Cmd: Question
Cmd: Answer

However, when I execute it, this is what I get:
A Okay.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong and, more importantly, what I need to do to get it to come out right?


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Thanks, Ang. That took care of it.

I had made this macro some time ago and then abandoned it because I couldn't get it to work correctly. Now I'm working on a video where the atty constantly throws in a quiet Okay, so I thought I'd try it again. I truly thought that when I tried this before, that I did the OKAY thing and it didn't work. But it does now, and that's all that matters.

Thanks so much. Makes this go a lot faster!

I'm attaching my Editing Block Files macro here. I keep all my block files in a folder called Blocks which is located in my Jen folder. So it's EclipseNT/Users/Jen/Blocks. Sometimes I want to edit one of my block files and when I press my keyboard macro, this takes me right to the blocks folder so I don't have to press Alt E and then double click on my blocks folder.

Some people may not mind doing the double clicking and will feel they've wasted their time reading this!

Jenny, I don't see the attachment.  Can you point me to it?  Thanks.  I think that would be helpful.

All attachments got lost when this site was down.  That was a very old post of mine.  Here is a pic of my macro.  I'm on Version 5.  You many need to change some of the names to fit your info.  I use Shift Alt b to make it work.

Thanks!  I have some extra time right now, so I'm trying to organize myself and get more efficient.

What is the difference between the Stitch Last Word macro and the Stitch Previous Word macro?  Anyone know?


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