Hi everyone! I'm having a terrible problem with my software! I was having computer problems and ended up having to reinstall my software and reload my settings. All of my settings are exactly like before EXCEPT when I print, I cannot for the life of me get my text box to print. It shows up on my screen, but it won't show up on paper!
I'm hoping someone else has also dealt with this and can help me!

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Hi -
I think you should go on google, type in the name of your printer and the word "driver" and whatever your operating system is, like "Vista" or "XP." If you were having computer problems, it might be driver related, and you can just download and install the most current printer driver for your computer.

Another thing is that the text box might be outside of the printable margin for your computer. If you'll open up the transcript, put your mouse pointer on the actual box itself, then hold down your left mouse and drag the line of the box in toward the middle just a bit, that might just do the trick.

Good luck!
Be sure you haven't accidentally suppressed it. Go to the page where the box is not showing up for the first time, which is probably the first page. Then hit alt N, then O for omit elements, and be sure page box isn't checked.

And be sure your print commands are turned on so you can see if you have a "Omit elements: page box" somewhere in the file. User settings, display, alt 4 for print commands.

Let us know if you figure out what it was.



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