June 5, 2 times at the gym, one hour each; 2 30-minute bike rides and 2 30-minute treadmill sessions. I'm up to over a mile on the treadmill. Earned 12 activity points for the day. Have not been to the gym since last Saturday b/c of work but should be back to regular workouts again now for a while, I hope!!!!

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June 6, Sat. one time @ gym. Rode bike for 15 minutes; treadmill for 30, upped my speed on the treadmill to 2.3 in spurts. My activity points earned on Sat were 5.

Sunday, June 7, 2 times @ gym. Rode bike twice for 30 minutes each time. Walked on the treadmill 30 minutes for two sessions. My activity points earned for Sunday were -- drum roll, please -- 14.
Wednesday, June 10, one time @ gym. Rode bike for 30 minutes; treadmill for 30 minutes. I earned 7 activity points.
Thanks, Jeanese. You're doing great too. Good luck w/t new challenge. I'll be cheering you gals on!!!
woo-hoo! 2 times a day. that's cool!

I did a big hike in Bryce Canyon a while back (years) and counted up the points - doozy. I asked my WW person and they told me there's kind of a top end of points you earn back. I don't remember exactly, but if you're working with a WW meeting, maybe chat with them?

Of course WW has changed so much in the past 2 years, that it's probably not valid anymore (my comment), but food for thought.
I will check w/ my leader. I didn't know about that. I don't trade my activity points for extra food. I just count them as activity points. I ask at my next meeting.

I checked w/ my leader at the meeting and this is how she explained activity points to me. Every week you get what WW calls a "Weekly Points Allowance" of 35 points. These points are above and beyond what you are allowed every day. Once you have used those 35 points, if you are hungry, you can start dipping into the points you have earned through exercise.

If you have not been to WW in two years, something they are putting on their trackers now is the "Hunger Scale" so she said, to be sure and make sure and check in and make sure you are hungry before you dive into those extra points.

I don't trade my exercise points for food.

I hope that helps you.

Thursday, June 11, one time @ gym, 30 minutes on bike; 30 minutes on treadmill; earned 7 activity points.
June 15 and June 16, each day 30 minutes on bike; 30 minutes on treadmill. I earned 7 activity points each day. I wasn't feeling too great when I went each day but of course I felt so proud of myself and physically and mentally felt really good after I did my workout.
June 17, Wednesday, one time @ gym, 30 min on bike; 30 min on treadmill, 7 activity points earned.
It wasn't as hard to make myself go today. As usual, my workout made me feel so great when I completed it. I try to remember how good I feel when I finish on the days I don't want to go b/c that helps me get there. I really don't like the bike. I enjoy the treadmill.
That's it for today.
Thursday, June 18, one hour @ gym. 30 min. on bike; 30 min on treadmill. It wasn't too hard to make myself go today other than I felt like I didn't have the time but I told myself, this is VERY important. It is high priority. I'm worth it. I gave myself that hour.
I felt great after it was done.
It made my whole day go really well.
June 21, 2009, Sunday, went to gym one time; 30 min bike; 30 min treadmill. Earned 7 activity points.
July 6, Monday, one time @ gym. Rode bike for 30 minutes; treadmill for 30. My activity points were 7. I had not been to the gym since Thursday. I was lazy over the 4th of July weekend as far as working out. I did a little work on a transcript every day but I could NOT make myself go to the gym for some reason. I did really well w/ my food intake so my weight stayed the same.
Back on track. It felt really good to go workout today. I'm glad I went. The gym was really busy. I assume all those people were there trying to work off what they ate/drank this past weekend b/c it's not usually that busy at this time of day.


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