5/15/09 All estimates.

50 minutes on tread.
Calories 340 or so
50 minutes or so
Incline 0 to 2.0
Speed 3.4 to 3.8

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Thanks. Maybe I will.
Ten pounds! Awesome! Keep up the hard work!
Thanks. Actually, it's not that hard. Just cutting way back on calories. Once I lose another 10 or so, then I'll probably have to start working out too.
Sometimes cutting back on the calories can be difficult especially when those around you aren't. And the treadmill is working out!
Leisurely bike ride on Sunday, maybe 30 minutes or so.
Great way to step it up. Keep going!
58 minutes, 3.6 miles, 360 calories, 1 - 3 incline, average speed 3.7
I don't like the pressure.
I suppose that's one way of looking at it. I like to keep my expectations low & then exceed them.
My short-term memory sucks.

I worked out this morning,

I'm pretty sure it was around 45 minutes. Maybe 277 cal, 0-4 incline, speed 3.2 through 4.1.

Very shaky on the mileage. I think it's over 2.5, but not sure how much. I'm estimating as they say in the depos.
leisurely bike ride w/Geneva. No idea of time/speed/ calories.
Sounds fun!


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