Okay. I'm going to start this, just to keep me honest!

Today is my second crack at endurance walking. (July 10)
90 minutes, 3.0 grade. only about 3.25 miles, but I was certainly in the fat burning zone!

Tomorrow's goal??
Watch the Tour de France from the treadmill.

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I was all set to do some walking in my out-of-town assignment hotel. Wouldn't you know it, their fitness center (such as it was) was under renovation???

ARGH! I have now gone a WEEK w/out endurance walking. Tomorrow's gonna be a bear. but a good stage in the Tour de France to watch for a long walk. *sigh*
I've been out of town and then sick. Maybe after convention I'll get back on the wagon.

I got a new elliptical device for my mini gym. From QVC. ;)
My training in NYC this past weekend - lots of walking.

Friday, 8.2 miles
Saturday, 10.6 miles
Sunday, 4.5 miles
Monday, 4.2 miles

No times, of course... lots of stopping and starting, but I did get some endurance walking in!! (plus, it was HOT!)
I've been slack here, but better on the treadmill...

I did the ALS walk on Saturday, up a MONSTER hill, thankyouverymuch, and it was 3 miles.
Did 4.5 miles in 90 minutes the other day on the treadmill, which is still not "on-time" pace, but I'm okay with it.

I really LOVE having the DVR to watch and keep me entertained during the walk. Plus, it's Biggest Loser sometimes, and I punch the speed/incline on the treadmill when they do. :)


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