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court order
Supreme Court Order
retainer agreement

Are those correct? Does it depend on the 'job' they are used in re: depo or Grand Jury for example.
I wouldn't cap "supreme court order" because it's not the full name of the supreme court and it's probably not the full name of the document. If it is the full name of the document, then I'd cap it. I only cap "notice of deposition" if they read the full name, Notice of Taking Deposition of Robert blah, blah, blah.
Thank you, Marla. cap'ing documents seems confusing to me many times.
A. My attorney -- whatever his name is, I don't remember it -- and the hearing Judge.

Is 'Hearing Judge' or not capp'ed on hearing?? TY!
I wouldn' t capitalize hearing since you're just referring to it generically.
Ok, Thanks! That's what I did. :)
I wouldn't capitalize "hearing judge" at all in that context. Only if it were used in direct address or a title preceeding his name would I capitalize it. Examples:
"I would like to request, Hearing Judge, that you..."
"We also have Hearing Judge Jones present."

Check out this great site regarding capitalization. Click here.
thanks...will go check that out and bookmark it. Thanks, Marla.
Boogie board, cap or no?

I've found two dictionaries that say it's a trademark and to cap it, and three dictionaries that have it lowercase. Thoughts?

It wasn't listed in Merriam-Webster, my favorite dictionary, though on it comes up capped in two dictionaries - Wikipedia and Info Please (two sources I wouldn't necessarily trust).

Wikipedia says this, "Modern popularization of the sport was made possible by Tom Morey who designed the first mass-produced bodyboard coined the "Morey 'Boogie' Board"."

But after doing a Google search for "boogie board trademark," I found this interesting article which seems to indicate that "Boogie" is a trademark owned by Wham-O, Inc. That site shows a circled R after "Boogie" but not "Board," though it caps both.

So in my extremely uneducated guessery, I'd say "body board" is a generic term for the trademarked term "Boogie Board."

Oh, if these people only knew how much effort we put into our transcripts, huh?
Thank you, Marla. That's basically what I had discovered too, going to M-W first and then to You are so sweet for taking the time to help me. It just looks weird capped throughout the transcript ...
I figured I was doing exactly what you did. Sometimes it helps to see someone finding the same things just to be sure you got it right. Sorry I couldn't add anything new.

Yeah, it's weird to cap things that are used so widely and generically, like Kleenex, but that's a trademark too.


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