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At 21:09 on August 6, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Wow, Sharon! What fantastic news you have! I'm happy for you, although I know you have a really strict schedule now! Congrats on getting out of the 120's!

Thanks for you comments on my son -- your son can do it, too ! I know he's a smart, dedicated kid if he's doing AP (my daughter has been AP for all her hs.)-- I'll tell you the secret for kids straight from hs to college - they really need to ace the ACT or SAT - his hs grades weren't so stunning, however, he did well on the ACT - (made a 29!) and the money and scholarships flowed like honey! So he actually did okay. My daughter will not be taking honors this next year because by transferring to a Texas school, she's already behind, plus she has to take an extra class for Texas history and make up a 1/2 semester math credit so she can be placed properly for her senior year. She's pretty bummed about that, but ultimately, she will have received a better education, even if it isn't honors. I hope she does as well on her ACT. Her last two ACT scores were excellent, but she needs to bring them up a few points.

At any rate, I'm glad your family is doing okay and I hope that all turns out well for Scott, too! Good luck with your new job, Miss Executive!
At 20:58 on August 6, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Hey, Sharon! I've been MIA - - sorry! How's your life going and how is school? I switched to College of Court Reporting and am liking it much better - fantastic resources and teachers and although I lost a lot of speed, I'm making it up and firming up my theory.

Well, I was hired for a firm in Dallas, but the attorney I was to work for (a brand spanking new one) did not pass two portions of the bar and, therefore, must retake them and it delays everything. I've already been off work for three months, so I decided to move to Lubbock, Texas -- about 150 miles from here and it's pretty much "home" - moreso than Roswell -- I was raised on the Texas/New Mexico Panhandle. I'm pretty excited. I'm moving tomorrow and have a great house. My daughter will be going to a fantastic school and I am sure I can get a job -- they have one of the highest hiring rates in Texas.

Let me know how you are doing!
At 18:39 on April 20, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Hi, Sharon! Sorry you are working two jobs--how do you get your schoolwork done? Don't get burned out! I haven't moved yet -- it will be around the first week of June -- I sure wish I had a job to go to -- but it will be okay -- I'll get one--my daughter is pretty excited and looking forward to it -- my son is going off to college with a FULL 4 YEAR SCHOLARSHIP! Oh, what a gift that was (of course he worked really really hard for it) -- I'm so happy about that -- now, I just hope he can keep up and keep the scholarship!

How is school going? And is you hubby doing okay? Take care of yourself and try to get some rest once in a while!
At 21:07 on March 31, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Oooh....there's that new baby! How's it going - Congratulations! I've been off the board but wondering about you -- are things better -- let me know how you are and how school is and what's going on! Tell me all about the baby.....:-)
At 0:20 on February 28, 2009, JiLL said…
weLL go Goin On thE spEEd...KeeP it Up!
I juSt starteD a VoiceWritinG clAss LasT weeK...WiLL fiNIsH uP In AuguSt.
I caNt waIt to Get t0 WorK!!
At 20:27 on February 25, 2009, JiLL said…
HoW aRe U shaRon? loNg timE n0 SeeK!
At 14:34 on February 19, 2009, Teresa F said…
I am considreing starting CRID's online program. I would start in the 160 class because I've been going to a brick and mortor school. Do you like CRID? Honest;y, please.
At 13:43 on February 18, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Oh, my goodness, I had no idea that you had to put in those kinds of hours. While I do the same, they are very structured and I'm home by at least a certain time unless it's a very difficult trial - well, we will just keep thinking positive for both of ya'll!
At 4:36 on February 18, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Well I'm sure Scott will be able to find something - he has many skills and talents that are needed -- and, not that I'm trying to tell you how to find work, but I know that when I was the business office manager of a nursing home, we COULD NOT keep a manager for the restaurant/dining hall of the facility (where family would come in and eat with their loved ones) - you might keep that in mind - it would only be temporary - you are so far ahead - it won't be long before you're studying for your RPR. Just a thought!
At 18:26 on February 17, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
OMG - well I really DO wish you the best of luck! I hope you find something that pays well and doesn't fatigue you too much to continue school - have you tried yahoo hotjobs/monster/juju? I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers - both of you - it isn't good if men don't work - it's everything to them -- what are each of your careers right now? Can you translate them into something else?

Well, you and I both need to blast through school - I'm trying to write at least 6 hours a day! Hopefully that will help! Good luck to you both!

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