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What I wish I knew - second year


It's been a while.  Don't know if anyone is listening or reading.  But here's a thought.  Instead of my annual rant and rave about the tax man coming, how about I tell you how I keep track of stuff so that when I have to go into the tax man (or THE MAN) as I'll be calling him from here on out (as in  don't let the man get you down).  Anyhoo, I digress.

So you've got your Depobook.  You have your shoebox full of receipts.  You've got your mileage written…


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Free Wi-Fi is your friend - Love it!!

Free Wi-Fi, gotta love it. I use it all the time for work. I use it when I get a call from an agency or attorney while I'm out on a job, I didn't get that file, can you re-send it. I use it when I've decided to work remotely, i.e., not from home.

The important word here is "free." I am outraged that the cell phone companies want you to pay $60/month so that you can buy one of those wi-fi cards. Don't do it, I say. There are plenty of places you can get wi-fi for free.…


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more work less pay?

When I first  started reporting many, many moons ago, it was just myself and my writer.  As time went by, my writer was joined with a hookup to my own personal computer and then to many computers for Realtime and now hooking up via Skype and WebEx, along with hookups and teleconferencing. The job of a reporter is a dynamic one, but what about the renumeration?  Recently, in NYC and from what I have read online, many agencies are bundling the…


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One year out...'s been just over a year since I became a CSR. I had a pretty good year. I started out slow, got a second car, and started making some moves. As soon as I started getting a foothold in an agency, the calendar person who I loved working with resigned. Now I have started fresh with a new calendar person and I can barely get on calendar at all. Tonight I find myself researching firms in L.A. to start out looking for a new agency to call home. And I know this is not exactly the best time…


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