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How do you explain to a lawyer accusing you of double-dipping for charging for additional copies of transcript already prepared?

A friend of mine sold transcripts of a case to all the parties involved in the case.

Then one lawyer came back and said I need another 2 copies, one of which has to be sealed for presentation to the court.

The friend set a very fair price for the additional transcripts, and the lawyer has accused my friend of double-dipping and charging twice for the transcript.

Has anyone got any good standard responses to the lawyer to explain that my friend is not… Continue

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Useful information for those assessing NCRA's business acumen, if any

Conservatively NCRA has cumulatively lost over $2,000,000 during the last 16 years.

During those 16 years JCR Court Reporter Listing advertisers have cancelled their ads by the dozens because of their great dissatisfaction with with the policy of the NCRA board of directors and NCRA staff in listing the Court Reporter Listings in NO order.

NOTE: The ads are listed by seniority which is equivalent of listing the ads in NO order.

As of the May issue of JCR 94 ads… Continue

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NCRA Board and staff give $3,200 yearly JCR ad discounts to two big firms

NCRA members should be aware that the NCRA board of directors and staff give a yearly JCR ad price discount of $1,600 each to McCorkle Court Reporters, Inc. and Gore Brothers.

McCorkle Court Reporters, Inc. and Gore Brothers each buy double JCR Court Reporter Listing ads so they have a 1/6 page ad in the JCR Court Reporter Listing ad section.

I have the May 2009 display advertising rates in front of me, and a 10-time 1/6 page JCR display ad sells for $360 per… Continue

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Merrill Corporation buys a dozen ads at far below the going market rate in JCR Court Reporting Listings

Just thought it might be of interest to forum readers that Merrill Corporation bought a dozen new JCR Court Reporting Listing ads in the May issue of JCR.

Those dozen new ads were as follows:

1. Alabama

2. California

3. District of Columbia

4. Georgia

5. Illinois

6. Massachusetts

7. Mississippi

8. New York

9. Pennsylvania

10. Texas

11. Washington

12. Asia

The NCRA board of directors has said those JCR Court… Continue

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Please e-mail Bill Parsons for info on NCRA board and staff losing members millions of dollars

Forum Members,

if you are really interested in the best interests of NCRA members and want to see those members receive the best most excellent service possible, please e-mail me for info on the NCRA board of directors and NCRA staff losing NCRA members millions of dollars.

The information I will send you is so volatile to those whose first loyalty is to the NCRA board of directors and staff that the information cannot be posted on forums without having fierce attacks…

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NCRA must end special treatment of freelance agency owners when such treatment means members have to pay higher dues

JCR Magazine cannot specially subsidize any segment of membership

Below is a copy of e-mail sent to NCRA board of directors

Board Members,

Board members should be provided facts contrary to the opinions of the NCRA board members, executive director and staff.

Other associations charge the going market rates for their ads and don't subsidize ad rates for the benefit of any segment of their membership.

The National Paralegal Reporter Magazine… Continue

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Concerned Reporters website article "Putting the association on the rocks?"

There have been many posts regarding NCRA's proposal to test of electronic reporters.

One of the very best articles expressing the best interests of NCRA members is contained at the Concerned Reporters website in the article entitled "Putting the association on the rocks?"

To view the article, go to

As a part of my always standing up for the very best interests of NCRA members and in having personally confronted the… Continue

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Court Reporter Patron Saint's Cards Available for Christmas

Dear Friends,

Many of you are familiar with the patron saint's card of court reporting which Father Nadolny had made for the court reporting profession.

Several court reporters in past years have included the patron saint's cards in Christmas cards sent to court reporter friends.

Through special arrangements with Father Nadolny, I provide the patron saint's cards to the court reporting profession handling the requests and doing the mailings.


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Court Reporters Friend, Fa. Ed Nadolny makes Pope John XXIII Patron of Weight Loss cards

Forum members have heard of Father Edmund Nadolny, the friend of court reporters and the maker of the first-ever court reporter patron saint's card.

Well, Father Ed has now just made a real fun Patron of Weight Loss card.

There are two different cards with really two nice prayers for help in losing weight.

Both cards have a picture of Pope John XXIII on the front side.

I will hopefully have these cards added to my website for viewing in a short…

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Creed & patron saint's cards available to be sent as e-mail attachments

Forum members may now request copies of The Court Reporter's Creed and the court reporter St. Cassian of Tangiers patron saint's card be sent to them as e-mail attachments.

To request the above items as e-mail attachments, send your requests to

There are two different versions of the creed, the original version and the revised version.

The revised version contains references to CART reporters and closed captioning reporters which are…

Added by Bill Parsons on August 6, 2008 at 7:29 — 2 Comments

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