NCRA must end special treatment of freelance agency owners when such treatment means members have to pay higher dues

JCR Magazine cannot specially subsidize any segment of membership

Below is a copy of e-mail sent to NCRA board of directors

Board Members,

Board members should be provided facts contrary to the opinions of the NCRA board members, executive director and staff.

Other associations charge the going market rates for their ads and don't subsidize ad rates for the benefit of any segment of their membership.

The National Paralegal Reporter Magazine charges $300 for a 6-time 1/6 page ad and $205 for a 6-time 1/12 page ad.

Again you see higher ad rates for the smaller percentage of the page used for the smaller segments of the page used.

The National Paralegal Reporter Magazine has 10,000 members.

Keep in mind your board's subsidization of the JCR Court Reporter Listing ad section means you sell your 1/12 page ads for $100 per ad versus the National Paralegal Reporter Magazine which charges $205 for the same 1/12 page ad.

Is the NCRA board of directors policy of subsidization of ads for freelance agencies in the best interests of the entire association and all its various segments of members?

To view the ad sheet for the National Paralegal Reporter Magazine go to

The loyalty of NCRA board members should always be to the very best interests of NCRA members, not to your staff, not to each other as a monolithic board.

The best interests of the members, members, members should be of paramount concern and priority to board members if you are to be held to the highest of standards in good competent leadership.

Submitted by Bill Parsons

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