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At 11:23 on December 1, 2015, D Sanders, RDR, CRR said…

Hi, i see from previous posts that u r being asked about proofing.  Do you scope?  if so, do you need any work?

At 8:09 on December 22, 2009, Christina Diaz, CRC CRR RMR CSR said…
I saw your posting on CSRNation and I am looking for a proofreader who does corrections on the actual file, not an errata sheet. I'm on Case Catalyst and if you're interested, let me know. My e-mail is Thanks.

Christina Diaz, CSR, RPR
(Cell) 516-317-6799
At 9:46 on March 9, 2009, YVONNE FENNELLY said…
Can you do some proofing for me today. I've got a bunch of work. How much, please?

Yvonne 530/470-9051.
At 20:28 on March 4, 2009, Cynthia M. said…
Hi, Stacy

Are you available for some proofing work? If so, please e-mail your rates and turnaround times to:

At 15:14 on October 17, 2008, Caroline Massa said…
Stacy, I need a Case Catalyst scopist. Are you near Plano?
At 18:45 on October 14, 2008, Danielle said…
Hello. I am looking for a proofer. I am a brand-new reporter and could use the help! Please send me an email with your rates. Thank you so much!
At 12:47 on September 27, 2008, Lindsey Perry said…
Hi, Stacy! Yeah, my maiden name is Stacy, but my married name is Perry, so it's really just my e-mail address that's confusing. But yes, that/this is me (again!)

Right now, I have three other proofers I am trying out, but I will get back to you if they don't work out. Thank you so much for going through the trouble of figuring out if we had spoken before! I can't believe you found an e-mail from over eight months ago (and I thought it was only "a few" months. HA!).

Hopefully we'll be in touch. Your boys are so cute! My daughter is two now!! Time flies.
At 19:05 on September 25, 2008, Lindsey Perry said…
Hi, Stacy: I may have contacted you a few months ago regarding proofreading for me, but my proofreader decided to continue proofreading at the time. I am now (again) looking for a new proofreader on Catalyst, as I like to send my proofer a ZIP file and have changes made directly to my file. My current proofreader has gone back to work at a law firm and can only take my shorter jobs. Would you send me your rates, turnaround time, etc.? My e-mail address is

At 12:22 on August 6, 2008, Samantha Blair said…
I can't believe you're going on vacation when I need you! (just kidding). I've been taking about 200 pgs a day since Monday and it will be going into next week. So I kind of need someone right away.

I think I am going to start using a scopist more regularly and I want to use you. But I kind of need someone now. Do you know of anyone that you trust that can help me?


(Have a great vacation!)
At 8:49 on August 6, 2008, Anita K. Spurger said…
Love the Babies!!
At 14:30 on May 14, 2008, Leslie Rockwood said…
Thank you, Stacy. I saw that after I sent the email. I've found a couple of scopists so all is well. I appreciate the reply.

At 9:08 on May 14, 2008, Leslie Rockwood said…
Hello Stacy -

I am a CA reatltime reporter. I will be doing a daily arbitration May 19 - 20. It will be intense and I use a team of scopists - usually three or four. We need to get a rough out at the end of each day and the final out by 7:00 a.m. CA time. I send the files at each break. I have one lead scopist who organizes sending out the files - usually 40 or so pages - and then you send your scoped file back to her and she puts it together. It will require using full audio.

With your experience I would love to have you join us. I do not have time to proofread these jobs so a dedicated, precise and exacting scopist is a necessity. The work is intense and we all heave a sigh of relief when they're over... and we make lots of money.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you -
Leslie Rockwood
At 9:43 on May 13, 2008, OSH said…
Hey Stacy, Are you available to do some scoping of a job that's about 180 pages due Thursday evening?
Please e-mail me at (Okeemah) Thanks
At 13:38 on March 26, 2008, Leslie Rockwood said…
Hello -

I am looking for a scopist to help with overflow and a very intense daily arbitration May 19 - 30. Are you available and do you have any interest? It is interesting work and hard work! I send the WAV files as well.

Please email me at

Thank you -
Leslie Rockwood
San Francisco
At 19:29 on March 19, 2008, Lisa Gretarsson said…
Yee-haw, right back atcha :) My "baby" doesn't grow much these days in size, just in hair volume!
At 17:46 on March 19, 2008, Karen Usher said…
Hey babe- just playing around like I've got nothing else to do! You need to update Ben's pic - he looks like a totally different baby! :)
At 15:57 on March 19, 2008, Lisa Gretarsson said…
Hello, Stacy! I, too, am a fellow Texan, Dallas/Fort Worth, and wanted to say hello and let you know I'm here.
At 20:09 on March 7, 2008, Jamie K. Israelow said…
Hi, Stacy.

Your kids are so cute. Just wait till the sports start. Miles is starting T-ball and he's busier than I am, it seems. He sure is a lot of fun. We are having the time of our lives. (oh, and I still work a lot, too.)
At 12:29 on March 4, 2008, Andrea M. Ignacio said…

I would love to work with you. I use Case Cat 9.1 Can you send me your rates and turnaround times? My email address is - thanks
At 15:05 on January 30, 2008, Samantha Blair said…
Hi, Stacy. Sorry I missed you for the chat. I wasn't paying attention. I'm doing research for an overnight rush and I missed you, 'cause now I see that you are offline. We'll connect soon.

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